Forecast for Friday, January 1st 2021
Leo Disseminating Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—new beginnings, making sense, emotional discernment, and personal accountability–welcome to 2021…

They say that the moon smells like exploded firecrackers… and this year, upon this brand new year to begin again, the moon is in celebratory Leo—the zodiacal equivalent of a firecracker exploded.

Let us celebrate the No Longer of our past… and the ending of a very unrelenting year, a year that smells of ash.

It’s a brand new year, friends and folks, let us celebrate its promise… today marks a fresh new beginning to begin again, to begin anew—to simply begin.

Resolutions may feel hopeful this year… or preemptively jaded—but more likely, your goals will feel inspired and achievable, despite it all—which is precisely the attitude to hold.

You can achieve your ideal, you can—it’s just gotta make sense.

Last year’s new year post was a bit jaded from the beginning, as astrologers had largely already gleaned the oncoming traffic and its potential complications—and simply trying to word our forecasts appropriately, and hope-fully, became something of a daily challenge…

❝Vinegar poured on me all my life; I am well marinated; how can I be honey now?❞
——Tillie Olsen

We’re still living in very confusing times—it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, or confounded, or perplexed, or bewildered… though it’s still incredibly important to maintain your merriment—especially now.

Facts and fictions remain misleading, and will for awhile, and you can quite likely feel this… and it’s probably pretty uncomfortable.

What seems implied simply may not be so… and what is might still not be very clear, or understandable yet.

These potential confusions could entice you or entrance you to feel much more into either irrational or irrelevant information than is obvious to anyone else—intuition is one thing, truly, but projecting fears, expectations, and irrational anxieties onto something or someone entirely unrelated, or better yet, paranoid excuses that (in)directly serve you… this is something altogether different.

In fact, it’s possible, specifically because of the current vaguenesses within the facts and fictions, between the real and unreal, that you may not even fully understand your own feelings at this time.

Not yet.

❝But to my questions he gave replies so vague that one could not tell whether they came from the mountains or the sea.❞
——Sōseki Natsume

Today’s energies are asking you to rise to the occasion—to rise to the occasion of new beginnings… to beginning anew—to begin walking toward your bluer than blue horizons within your Not Yet.

Again, you can achieve your ideal, you really can—it’s just gotta make sense.

How you express yourself now, and express your feelings, is powerful—however confusing—and may send you upon an extravagant journey deeper into yourself, into your higher self, and further into your higher mind—into the truest inner motivations of your ideals.

Try not to jump to conclusions.

Try not to harbor expectations.

Try not to consider that any ‘rights’ or ‘wrongs’ have any stance within your current circumstances, or within the collective at large, and really try not to need to be righteously ‘right’…

Try to notice or create win-win-win scenarios.

Try to hold yourself accountable for both your thoughts and actions.

Try to focus your efforts, this year and beyond, upon the integral steps between where you currently stand and your overall ideals—connecting these dots with the strings of limitlessness, and the boundaries of only the very best… the stuff of real joy and authenticity.

❝If you really wanna fly, learn to befriend the winds.❞
——Curtis Tyrone Jones

Happy New Year, friends—you’ve got this… be audacious.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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