Forecast for Monday, January 11th
Capricorn Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—thriving, thriving, thriving, and the ritual to do so…

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar states that “the great Mysteries of the past were created by inspired Seers and Adepts for the purpose of transferring to a mentally conscious and humanly significant level of group operation what in the lower kingdoms of life we call instincts…” and it is through the sacredness of ritual that we are able to reconnect with this larger sense of connectivity… and thrive.

Rudhyar refers to this as a ‘transpersonal responsibility’, and in this world of modernity we find ritual through myriad manners of mindfulness: be it through the 9-5, through investing, through exchange, through creating, through meditation, through travel, through sex, through cooking, through gardening, through exercise, or through dreams…

To say ‘transpersonal’ is anything regarding that which explores or extends beyond oneself… and it is an individuated responsibility to surpass our own limitations at every turn, to willfully evolve, and to work to improve our abilities and potentials… this is how we serve our inner divinity, and in turn, the collective at large.

It is our personal responsibility to appropriately share our authenticity.

Many of us possess an instinct to do so—to evolve through our inner authenticity—beyond our earthly stationing or status… to become more.

And when we create ritual to surround this instinct—to protect it, to serve it, and to honor it—we are provided a secured foundation from/through which to work. Always.

❝When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things. Where is beauty to be found? In great things that, like everything else, are doomed to die, or in small things that aspire to nothing, yet know how to set a jewel of infinity in a single moment?❞
——Muriel Barbery

Today may ask you or inspire you to break beyond previous barriers.

Today may ask you to take responsibility to thrive, despite it all.

You may find yourself much more intuitively minded, through so much change in spirit, and in heart, as Mercury connects to Jupiter in conjunction in Aquarius…

The Capricorn moon wants nothing more than to support efforts in security or foundational potential, to improve, to advance, or to honor a better way—to honor the availability of more.

Do try to remember your connectivities and the insight you have learned through your experiences this last week—and thoughtfully, and energetically, prepare to apply strategy and discernment to your vision and ideal to create a new reality upon the upcoming new moon; to create new avenues for self-improvement or advancement; to have the audacity to emerge beyond your own wildest imaginings.

Today is an impeccably auspicious day to honestly discern your own limitations and boundaries, childhood conditioning, personal obstacles and societal stymies—and to energetically and forwardly thrive…

To evolve beyond, despite it all.

❝Your greatest responsibility is to live a life that nourishes your highest truth… with every choice you create the life you’ll live; with every decision you design it.❞
——Mollie Marti

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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