Forecast for Thursday, January 21st
Taurus Gibbous Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—feeling something powerful building underneath your feet, hovering directly in front of you…

To begin, let’s understand that today’s Venusian moon is separating from a conjunction with the slowly separating Venusian-ruled Mars/Uranus conjunction in Taurus, suggesting that you are feeling confident, justified, and powerful, and are likely tuning in with your inner knowing and authority.

The newly innovatively wintery sun is applying a conjunction with Saturn, exact the 23rd upon the fourth degree of Aquarius, like the first peek of sunlight upon weeks and weeks of darkness—that comes equipped with responsibility, new and otherwise; all the tasks you’ve allowed to fall to the side through the darkness of wintery unknowable unknowns, and the new obligations you’re agreeing to toward your bright, new future, are standing tall to be counted.

❝Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here…❞
——The Beatles; “Here Comes the Sun” lyrics

The degree through which these new and old responsibilities and personal obligations of devotion coalesce and collaborate are associated through a ‘disciplined use of spiritual energy’ and sustenance… though a personal accountability must be held and participated with, as through “self-discipline, purity of motive, and compassion, faith in the divine order are required…”

Also, you’ve likely noticed this genie-in-bottle energy… Jupiter is squaring Mars, or rather—Mars is applying a last quarter square from Jupiter, exact tomorrow at 7°60’—would suggest and triply emphasize any ideas or ideals, imaginings, or visions of more, more, more, as well as abundance, and natural enthusiasms…

❝Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here…❞
——The Beatles; “Here Comes the Sun” lyrics

With these larger-than-life self-empowering and improving emotions that associate themselves to this somewhat rare transit, side effects could include restlessness, truly, however, if used appropriately, you could avoid overestimating your realistic capacities.

You’ll see—you’re likely walking toward, and straight into, brand new experiences—experiences are just waiting to introduce you to an outrageously expanded understanding, and these new experiences should be devotedly applied toward your bluer than blue horizons.

As this major transition between Mars and Jupiter is by square, this would imply that some adjustments will need to be willingly made to afford its best opportunities… impatience would not be recommended, though I realize that this may be much easier suggested than satisfied—do try to remain within the openness of your heart through these life-changing transitions.

Please also be aware that such extremes, such as ‘pride before fall’ applies here, as does rent coming due on any righteousness… when you come from your heart center you are vulnerable, and thereby open to receive that which you truly seek rather than what your ego demands and never fulfills.

Neptune is closing in toward those Nodes, the closest it’s been since November, naturally… to be exact in only several days now—and so, indeed, this could illicit inaccuracies, falsities, and incomprehensive inarticulations… remember to trust your instincts and intuitions. In fact, you likely require little to no outside sourcing for the truths you seek, or simply shouldn’t look beyond yourself for answers—your inner knowing will be strong now: trust it (it was handpicked by your own soul in the very beginning of Time itself, it will not fail you).

❝Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been clear…
Here comes the sun {do, do, do, do}…❞
——The Beatles; “Here Comes the Sun” lyrics

Which brings me to share with you that Venus, from Capricorn, is applying a sextile to Neptune… which should promote realistic optimism and open a new availability to adjust realistic limitations—actual or self-illusioned—and an overall feeling of cosmic supports… if you know what makes your heart sing, what makes your soul soften in bliss, what makes your mind quiet… when you know what makes your entire being pause in awe—these energies will, indeed, unlock any barriers upon you. Allow for real awesomeness, in other words.

And finally, Jupiter is departing from a sextile with Chiron, which was exact on January 11th at 5°16’… which only further empowers and perpetuates everything I’ve just shared, in all ways—especially in regard to more fully and appropriately healing that which still triggers pain underneath it all or from within. Truly, this is a process—but if you’ve been participating in your healing and evolution, you are on to better feelings up ahead.

❝Here comes the sun—and I say—it’s all right…❞
——The Beatles; “Here Comes the Sun” lyrics

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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