Forecast for Friday, January 22nd
Taurus Gibbous Moon; Part 2

ॐOracular Mantra—be present here and Now…

The average river requires a million years to move a grain of sand
100 miles…

This eventual shift causes rifts and refuge alike along both the shores and riverbeds, deep beneath the surface. To think that any surface area of the world we see today as it is—to think that it has not always appeared exactly like this, even from mere season to season. It’s a true and awe-worthy realization…

How precious it all is in every moment.

Nature’s quotidian and quietly patient and gentle reminders of your own personal limitations, though, might be more obviously nagging or persistent today, however appropriately… be gentle with yourself—and allow yourself to shift as subtly and slowly as necessary.

The degree through which today’s exacting square between Mars and Jupiter lends itself to “the value of anticipating and preparing for expectable conditions…” but that, very respectfully, “we should realize the value of future-oriented imagination, but also of relying upon the natural order of unfoldment of all life processes.”

❝You are unfolding with profound purpose; your purpose is revealing you, to yourself.❞
——Bryant McGill

To try to imagine the average river in a million years time… one cannot fathom the rushing of this feat—time is to be valued.

One does not even always recognize the true impact of living life in real time, in the Now, presently—this is so often too frequently overlooked or underestimated, especially in the moment—how could one ever imagine the future if the present is being taken for granted?

What you need now—really need—is a clue to open to you, to open to you what you will build upon in the future; like breadcrumbs, or flower petals—take each clue and build, connecting the dots, moving the metaphorical grains of sand in the flowing river of your ideals…

And truly, just to be sure, the time for looking back now is past—we are either looking forward, or truly, we are slowly turning to stone, crystallizing ever so slowly, each granule of sand hardening from within…

Try to find a sense of peace within What Is before the inner knowing of What Will Be, or What Could Be.

Look forward… but most critically, be present here in your Now.

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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