Forecast for Sunday, January 31st
Virgo Disseminating Moon; Part 2

ॐOracular Mantra—pivoting within the patterns of our lives…

We continue to warp and weft as we weave the very fabric of our lives and it is now becoming much more obvious that something of an established pattern has been present all along, yes?

The very process of weaving requires both warping and wefting—one being stationary (the warp), the other as filler (the weft).

The word ‘weft’ derives from the Old English word wefan, ‘to weave’. Warp means ‘that which is thrown away’.

❝They say you start weaving clearer, sharper memories after you’ve been to a place at least twice—because then the reflection is more of validation.❞
——Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

Creatively, and quite metaphorically—weave with me here—the necessary quotidian mundanity of our lives is the warp, as it largely remains the same… it is the structure of the weave; the weft, however, is the personal authenticity that we individually weave into the structures of our entirely unique lives.

We create our realities. Everyday. What are you creating?

That which is thrown away, then, could refer to the conditioning and mind-numbing irrelevancies and negativities we could stand to let go of, stand up to, or entirely eliminate in action.

The details matter now, and particularly today, as the detail-oriented moon moves into a conjunction with Juno, in tandem with a mutable cross involving Neptune and the Nodes… the details may feel, or actually be, a bit fuzzy these days—but there will be opportunities to take action, regardless of timidity, and begin pivoting the pattern.

❝Our lives were a complex tapestry, and our woven strands were only meant to intersect at a small number of points in the time-conceived whole. An embroidered starburst, a missed warp, a complicated notion on the loom of time.❞
——Courtney M. Privett

Further, as Mercury stations retrograde today, in the sign of Aquarius—a sign very much centered within concepts of personal accountability—it would stand to reason that this retrograde period could repercussively invite, complicate, or create ‘opportunities’ to realign yourself with your own established authenticity—to pivot, potentially—in an effort to hold you accountable for the talking and the walking, if you will.

Are you walking your talk?—are you warping and wefting the weave of your pattern?

Are you setting an example for others the authenticity you feel called to share?—is your pattern expressing a weave that others will be drawn to, and want to learn to weave themselves?

Are you holding yourself personally accountable for the sharing of your unique gifts and skills?—is your patterned weave worth sharing?

❝The process of weaving a tapestry connects with something primal in our experience as dexterous creatures. There is something sensuous and attractive about tapestry weaving. Its slow rhythm has a very peaceful, repetitive quality to it. And the step-by-step problem-solving nature of the process brings a sense of accomplishment and allows a gentle reconnection with self. The depth of color in a simple piece of yarn, the endless variations of expression when colors are woven next to each other, and the accomplishment of a finished expression that represents something important to you.❞
——Rebecca Mezoff

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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