Forecast for Thursday, February 4th
Scorpio Last Quarter Moon at 16°07′

ॐOracular Mantra—what happens when tolerance allows intolerance?

In “Not In His Image” author John Lamb Lash writes, “education and guidance were intimately linked in the curriculum of the Mystery Schools…”

He goes on to correct an assumption I’ve been unknowingly misapplying—the definition of empowerment.

“In the ultimate sense initiates seemed aimed to guide humanity to become self-guiding. They taught what might be called self-direction but without a narcissistic spin or selfish emphasis. The aim of telestic method was not what is today called self-empowerment, but consecration. Self-empowerment may be sought for one’s own benefit, or to acquire anything one wants, but consecration must be achieved by selfless commitment to something other than oneself.”

❝Understanding and believing are not the same thing.❞
——Gertrude Stein

Continued, Lamb Lash writes “literally, consecration means “empowered with”… In order to promote self-direction with the intent of leading a consecrated life, the telestai introduced their student neophytes to a narrative framework, a guiding story. Within the story each individual found his or her sacred calling and became self-directed, a free agent. The essence of the telestic program consisted in a deep understanding of what it means to be an instrument for co-evolution, consecrated to Gaia-Sophia.”

Allow me to share a little more with you what the author writes, “today we tend to conceive of evolution in biological terms, and so we imagine that co-evolution is, or might be, a way for humanity to participate wisely and lovingly in the web of life encompassing all species, and even to align itself with the planetary spirit, Gaia.”

Further, “this prospect epitomizes the telos of the Mysteries. If we as members of the modern world make co-evolution our personal aspiration, if we propose it as a social goal, and hold it forth as the highest aspiration of our species, we might do well to bear in mind that this magnificent intention was already realized by people who came before us. It is realizable, we can assure ourselves, because it has been realized. It has been tried and tested with immense success.”

Airy fixity is the paradox today as a massive Aquarian convergence of planetary co-evolution inspires the likes of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, the sun, an asteroid, and Mercury in the likes of what is referred to as an Aquarian assembly—which suggests, respectively, desires for personal freedom, structural breakthrough, a generosity of spirit, goals of self-discovery and improvement, and heightened thoughts of enlightened reasoning… all of which would require self-direction.

❝Command of the self is a goal of every person, because in absence of a personal identity and deprived of the ability to direct our actions we lack the means purposefully to interact with the external environment. Lacking self-control and deprived of the ability intentionally to engage with the world places us in a precarious position. Demonstrating self-doubt, personal ambivalence, and hesitation when action is called for endangers us, subjecting us to the capriciousness of the world filled with anarchy, chaos, and violence.❞
——Kilroy J. Oldster

Though, it must be remembered that these Aquarian energies, as idealistic and progressive as they are—these planetary implications are as equally, if not as astonishingly, rationally inflexible: these energies must serve and/or benefit the majority, if not all—including the grounds we walk and all that dwells within these earthy terrains, as well as the very air we breathe…

As is a Scorpio moon—insufferably inflexible… and through today’s last quarter moon we will likely feel this struggle-hold, both within and beyond ourselves, within that very very squishy, fleshy, raw and wounded place within us all.

Through a powerfully self-confronting Scorpio moon squaring such an inspiring and confronting, though controlled and inflexible, Aquarian assembly—your new normal within this new reality within the Now of today might be bullying you into shifting once more…

❝Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.❞
——Amit Ray

Either to hold your ground with patience until you’re able to orchestrate the appropriate strategies, or to more daringly consecrate yourself to honor your own direction, your own knowing—to honor your authenticity—so that you may serve your humanity through your uniquely vesseled efforts, and work to integrate this with that… to audaciously co-evolve among a paradox.

This is realizable because it has been realized.

It has been widely established that Prometheus is associated to Aquarius, and Uranus, in that Prometheus purloined the flame of fire from the control of Zeus… this single Aquarian act of defiance and disrespect was an act of free will beyond a seemingly destined status quo of organized obedience and widely believed—however desperately reeking of vacancy—state of salvation.

The metaphorical spark of inner will was offered to humanity, to the people—to rise individually as a majority, together, to seek out opportunities toward their own authenticities and gifts, to honor their capacity for divinity, as it was intended.

❝Freedom lies in being bold.❞
——Robert Frost

Defiance is contagious… and new experiences «spark» personal evolution, but you’ve got to be willing, and you’ve got to be discerning—and you’ve got to share this spark.

Today’s Scorpio moon represents the confrontational evolution available to those who defy their own limitations because one’s personal responsibility to one’s own fulfillment and inner spirit is honored through the sharing of it… sharing it with everyone, and with everything.

If it is true authenticity—you will want to share, it will not need to be commanded of you.

Today’s Scorpio moon represents the act of free will, self-directed knowing, and the sacrificing of whatever inflexibilities have been recently wreaking havoc, or threatening your freedom of upward and onward—and innermost—movement.

❝In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything: every pain, every suffering, joy and confusion.❞
——Ishmael Beah

Finally, John Lamb Lash writes, “if the poet Octavio Paz is right, and the future is a perpetual resurgence of the past in the present, where the initiates were is where we may go: into a future worth living. In their consecration to Gaia they learned from direct communication with the planetary intelligence—encountering the Divine Light, they found a story to guide the species, and followed it… the loss of that story largely accounts for the moral and spiritual degeneration [meaning organized religion and consequential salvationist lies of the redeemer complex and resulting victim/perpetrator narrative] of Western society, which now contaminates the entire world…”

Plagues and pollution will end the world, John imagined [in Revelations] and the people who adopted his vision came to dominate the world, so it is quite possible that history will unfold in the way their directive script demands… more likely than not, this will happen ‹if› those who follow that script are allowed to enact the apocalyptic drama without being refuted and resisted.”

❝You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.❞
——Joseph Campbell

*16°07′ at 9:35am PST; 10:35am MST; 11:35am CST; 12:35pm EST
Lash Lamb, J. “Not In His Image.” Chelsea Green Publishing; ©2006.

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