Forecast for Friday, February 5th
Scorpio/Sagittarius Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—clarifying expectations and guidelines currently offers more flexibility than imaginable…

Today the moon moves into Sagittarius in the morning hours* to attempt to renew and revive the week, while simultaneously connecting with both Saturn and Chiron—never a dyadic duo for reinvigoration… as this is apparently something of a weighted and opaque opportunity for dutiful renewal and obligated revival.

After all, today’s celestial connections represent “a time when it is not necessarily the game that is important, but how it is played…”

❝It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.❞
——Paul “Bear” Bryant

Your personal integrity is absolutely essential now… and both thereby and therefore, it is imperative that you’re playing by the rules, be they new or revised.

Further, today’s energies are translating that “although this situation may take time, everyone must keep on their toes, ready for something that may come out of left field… it is important in this situation for everyone to understand the expectations required of them—the rules and guidelines for operating in this situation are, or should be, made very clear…”

A Sagittarian moon may not exactly prefer to abide by these, but it’s probably best to begin defining these parameters, at least toward the dour determinations of the inevitably sobering Capricorn moon.

A Sagittarian moon would, however, be down for what author Marty Rubin refers to as ‘spontaneity-flexibility within a routine’.

In honor of today’s lunarly notions of ‘taking time’, ‘keeping on toes’, and ‘unexpected left field preparedness’… Mercury is moving retrograde in Aquarius, which, should Mercury be retrograde in any sign, the airy likes of Aquarius are preferred and strangely, innovatively cooperative should you be willing to adapt, embrace, and experiment with flexibility…

❝When the whole world is entrenched in the bunker of physical and often emotional isolation, only flexibility and ingenuity can revive us to remain grounded and imbibe the bolstering sunlight piercing through the canvas of chaos.❞
——Erik Pevernagie

Understanding both expectations and guidelines is essential, in Aquarius, particularly, because it is ruled by rule-maker Saturn, and Saturn is currently transiting waterbearer shores…

As Aeolian Astrology writes in regard to Mercury moving retrograde, that it is “an invitation for you to switch selves—to transform from ordinary consciousness to unconscious reverie, from a rational being into an irrational creature… you are being asked to switch patterns and change perception, lest you become a ‘victim’ to the alteration of consciousness naturally underway—you may hear an invitation from Mercury the trickster to switch worlds… it’s an invitation to go within to discover the source of your discontent with others and the world-at-large, rather than point your finger like a heat-seeking missile at an easily identifiable enemy—you are being called to break free of rationality, to embrace the irrational and see reality as it truly is.”

Today’s lofty lighthearted moon could easily and innocently explore this psychical terrain with ease and flexibility… and as today’s moon connects to Chiron, particularly—boundaries should delicately be dissected; all matters applied with ‘fairness and cooperation’.

❝The idea is not to rebel, the idea is to communicate. And for everyone to be respected regardless of what group you might be in.❞
——Jimi Hendrix

What was recently feeling quite intense, or overwhelming—for better or worse, or even a little lachrymose, may now present you with a new perspective, happily… a perspective, however, which will, again, pester you to apply particular parameters.

Finding that sweet spot of personal authentic integrity in these new or utterly revised perspectives and parameters would be best… these properly new particulars will be serving you for awhile—you may as well participate.

As shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera suggests, intermediary integrity “is not an easy task, and the deeper implications may slip by a lot of people… it might be wise to spend a good deal of time simply discussing what such positions might look like and exploring their own biases.”

It is crucial, particularly today, tomorrow and the next, to see clearly, to speak out loud, to playfully plot and pivot, and to look beneath the immediate surface of things as they currently appear to be—knowing fully that these appearances could shift or sway… and to pursue a pliant positioning, and participate in these new or revised parameters and particulars.

❝Be infinitely flexible and constantly amazed.❞
——Jason Kravitz

Also, Venus connects to Saturn in conjunction at 5°54′ Aquarius late tonight, highlighting once more a degree which we began to see introduced last month, a degree associating itself with transpersonal responsibility.

There’s that term again—it really must be celestially trending, which would suggest, as above-so below, that we, too, will begin embracing our fair share of both the honorable ease and rightfully cooperative blame toward our actions… when “every nuance of the problem of evil is examined, every metaphorical turn is kept flexible so that we do not become trapped inside rigid, polarized conclusions—the beauty of sane human reasoning lies largely in its suppleness.”**

Further, this degree somewhat, however perpendicularly, further supports the need for personal integrity, as this degree adds much confusion and mystery to the overall of your circumstances in some way—likely within activities of the house in your nativity where Aquarius is found—either through your own circumstances, or circumstances involving you in some way… and it is quite likely that you might feel as though you aren’t being given the entire truth, the whole story, or the complete picture.

So again, perhaps it’s not the game being played—but how it’s being played… and maybe some of the rules need to change or be revised?

You might want to participate. If you aren’t willing to switch sides in some manner, it could behoove you to at least honestly learn a bit more about an opposing argument or viewpoint for a more clarified and surefooted stance.

❝We have a tendency to become detached observers rather than participants. There might also be a sense of disassembling a complex, flowing process to focus on a small part of it. If we expand our focus to include emerging, one of the first changes we may notice is the bodily sense of being in the midst of something, of constant motion, lack of clarity, and unpredictability.❞
——Bonnie Badenoch

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