Forecast for Wednesday, February 10th

Capricorn/Aquarius Balsamic Moon

ॐOracular Mantra—everybody knows everything…

Except, most typically—maybe we don’t.

And we likely—it’s most probable—that we don’t.
But you might not want to be reminded of this today…

The moon moves into opinionatedly peer-reviewed Aquarius later in the evening*, and applies a connection with Saturn in conjunction, which will simultaneously be squaring Uranus and connecting to Chiron, in tandem with a retrograded Mercury in Aquarius squaring Mars in Taurus to trickle about beyond midnight and into tomorrow’s early morning hours…

These influences, through today and tomorrow, will likely manifest by blocking our ability to properly or adroitly understand our circumstances completely within their subtle complexities, or could thwart our ability to clearly or legibly communicate our needs or desires, or doubts, in accordance with our circumstances.

Today’s energies may offer some seriously frustrating or obfuscated content or scenario to digest… and there could be an overall pessimism to it, regardless of the actuality within a larger context, as well as the intriguing detail involving the degree through which MercuryRx and Mars meet being associated to “the unmasking of hidden motives and personal secrets…”

Defeatist mindsets would not behoove you, though it will be an easy alternative to honest confrontation.

Please be mindful of the words you choose to use, with yourself, truly, but especially with others.
Please be mindful of your ability to be patient, as the actual application of patience could be small—though its effects, if applied, could be profound… we simply don’t know enough to worry, as Terrence McKenna always assured.

Please be mindful that ease doesn’t always arrive looking like ease… the etymological origin of the word ‘patience’ refers to ‘undergoing’, to ‘suffer’ or ‘bear’.

It’s likely that, whatever the circumstances, we’re undergoing some component within the overall for a navigible detour that feels preplanned…

Today and tomorrow—tomorrow being the new moon—will offer a most heightened and emphasized Aquarian vibration, as the ongoing Aquarian assembly seems to be at its climax point, meaning that the essence of Aquarian energies will have a tremendous influence, for better or worse… let’s delineate this.

Heightened and emphasized Aquarian vibrations could account for any strangeness being experienced—oddities, glitches, erratic or inconsistent coincidences, unexpectedness, or overall randomness… still, there might be something more occurring, underneath it all.
These energies could refer directly to recent news, or current unmasking… or it could refer to something more subtly complex.

Aquarian energies, overall, tend to be unusually useful, especially when focused… these useful and focused, albeit erratic, spurts of insight, or brilliance, can be inspiring, revelatory, and daring—pushing and provoking the edges between normality and extremes… these energies can challenge the status quo and question rigidity, allowing for much needed changes or alternatives.

The illuminated essence of Aquarius is humanitarianism, and community, and win-win-win scenarios… it is focused, intelligent, and strategic, aiming at ideals, with a determined spirit toward diversity, and team efforts, and stretching beyond the comfort zones of the individual experiencing the influence—so everyone, naturally, will respond extremely differently.

The shadowy potentials of Aquarius include chilly aloofness, alienation, detachedness, displacement, erratic manifestations, and disruptiveness, as well as provocativeness, or rebelliousness and defiance out of spite.

Aquarian energies are far-reaching and far-seeing and tend to have a futuristic edge… whatever signaling or messaging, alarms, or news you’ve been receiving could also have something to do with these energies… shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera calls this moon the a Prophet’s Moon, a moon when we “look to the future and think about how it might be… stay away from apocalyptic it’s, though.”

Essentially, today’s moon, as it illuminates the ongoing Aquarian assembly to a perpetuatingly untamed degree, reminds us that we need to undergo whatever experiences we’re currently undergoing—that there are things through this chosen terrain to be learned…

We’re learning now, whatever our circumstances, that sometimes there’s simply many things that need to be seen through the long-term… and this is the beginning.

Everybody knows everything…

Except, most typically—maybe we don’t. Not yet.

And we likely—it’s most probable—that we don’t.
But you might not want to be reminded of this today…

*5:20pm PST; 6:20pm MST; 7:20pm CST; 8:20pm ESTKaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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