Forecast for Friday, February 19th
•●Gemini 1st Quarter Moon at 1°21′

ॐOracular Mantra—we’re not here to ‘know’ anything, there’s nothing to know; we’re here to learn, to feel, to understand, to inspire, and to be in absolute awe of it all…

The sun leaves the fixed and airy ongoing stellium, and moves into Pisces, though the airy fixity may remain the dominating vibration—with something of a stubborn exception… through the first quartered moon falling in Gemini, only adding to the airy vibration, these energies beg you to look at your circumstances, your connection to Self, your living breathing ideals, and your far-fetched ideas for tomorrow—to look at these through a ruggedly honest observation rather than through an egoically and emotionally involved attachment.

Sometimes it’s rather effortless to become so ensconced in our own living circles to lose sight of the circle itself, and even of ourselves within that circle.

Today’s energies are asking you to observe your own life objectively, to observe even your very own observations objectively—and this is much easier said than done, truly.

Through this new exercise endeavor of emotional detachment—though not without taking a personal accountability of responsibility—it is essential now to ask yourself what your observations really are…

Not what you’d prefer they be—but what they are, as they are… this is part of the dismantling.

❝Once an excuse has been deployed, brutal honesty is no longer an option.❞
——Linda Berdoll

As this month’s vibration continues—through your personal revolution unfolding, through taking personal responsibility for this revolution, and now—being brutally honest with yourself regarding your own revolution, as well as the current collective revolution… you will begin to observe both your own reality, and the overall reality beyond your own version of it, as it really is—and this may be quite jarring for you.

Your devoted focus, too, is likely heavily targeted toward the Truth you’re serving, or inspiring, as Vesta moves through Virgo at the seventeenth degree, Vesta representing the handle of the ongoing bucket aspect alignment that has been concentrating all efforts within one agenda, thriving within the energies of Sagittarius through Gemini… the unfolding of your personal revolution being somewhat flexible, and thereby evolving into something even more… if you’re allowing.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar associates the degree of Virgo through which Vesta moves through—Vesta representing the inner spark that never goes out—with “that which has been ‘repressed’ so deeply for so long will, inevitably, (re)surface—and demand to be spoken for…”

This (re)surfacing will be therapeutic, and rewarding—but not without its personal and celestial defilements alike; destruction and creation coexist and endlessly collaborate.

Not only this, but Venus is exacting a square to Mars through the twenty-third degree between Aquarius and Taurus, and the long strange trip between Saturn in Aquarius and its ongoing squaring down toward Uranus in Taurus, this square occurring through the seventh degree—these two simultaneously occurring squares, exacting, cannot be ignored—and this is the stubborn exception.

This connection between Venus and Mars, by degree, associates itself to inspiration and guidance of a spiritual nature, specifically, but also the willful ‘overcoming of crisis’… what is to be both shared and received here is that there is little that can be truly destroyed if the appropriate ‘spirit’ is possessed, and graciously employed.

❝Feigned interest is worse than brutal honesty.❞
——Stewart Stafford

In fact, Rudhyar advises that “much depends on the attitudes we assume in these situations… character and a warm ‘under-standing’ of what is involved in the process of growth and overcoming of emotional heaviness can be taught—we can learn to discipline our natural impulses and to use them for a more-than-personal purpose…”

Further, this ‘creative spirit’, as Rudhyar describes it, is approaching something of a learning curve, coming upon a reckoning, and an awakening—and, as Rudhyar assigns ‘a new quality of being’, which will confront many planes of consciousness to abandon the ways of olde, which have been perpetuated for far too long and are simply no longer serving… this literal and metaphorical coming of age will require true listening, and the embracing and engagement of communication with actual content—not simply empty dialog. This creative sprit, then, regards a spiritual vitality that should exist within each and every exchange with one another.

This creative spirit, then, regards personal authenticity and personal accountability.

This creative spirit demands reciprocative understanding.

This reciprocative vitality will require objectivity, flexibility, and personal responsibility, and will result, ultimately, through these personal revolutions you’re only beginning to experience and learn from… discovering the delicate truth of the time, or the manifesting motions in the moment—discerning these from all the noise being shared in all directions… and remembering the inherent humanity within all of it.

Finally, Mercury stations today and will begin moving directly tomorrow through the eleventh degree of Aquarius… this stationing occurs through the midpoint degree between Jupiter and Saturn, and as Mercury will not connect with Saturn again by conjunction—and hopefully you are now very well aware of what needs your attention and discerning focus through any consciousness wake-up alarms that sounded around February 5th, it will connect in conjunction with Jupiter once more on March 4th through the seventeenth degree of Aquarius, suggesting a new and more relevant unmasking—in an effort to further your potentials through even more honest awareness yet.

Though these potentials and opportunities for expanded awareness and boundary-dismantling will only be available to: the open-minded—those that are willing to learn; the honest—those that are willing to understand with compassion and empathize instead of carelessly categorizing or corrosively cancelling; and the brave—those that are willing to rise and be seen, heard, and hopefully: understood.

❝One can give nothing whatever without giving oneself—that is to say, risking oneself… if one cannot risk oneself, then one is simply incapable of giving.❞
——James Baldwin

Furthermore, how very tabloid, how very sophomoric—how very lower frequency Gemini—to think we know anything about anything at all…

If anything—today is a day to be honest with yourself toward everything that you don’t know, and in the grand scheme of All That Is, that you might not even fully understand all of what you consider yourself to know, about any number of various things, despite years of devotion to whatever it is.

We’re not here to know anything.

The need to know is an effort of control… and even in the knowing, we do not have ultimate control of anything anyway. The need to know is based in fear.

Today is a day to ask yourself, or an/Other, out loud: in what ways can I better understand?

1stQ at *1°21′ at 10:47am PST; 11:47am MST; 12:47pm CST; 1:47pm EST
Venus is squaring Mars at 22° Taurus/Aquarius
Saturn is exacting its square to Uranus at 7° Taurus/Aquarius

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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