Forecast for Friday, March 5th
Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon at 15°42′

A toxophilite is someone with a love of archery, and I would argue that this term would include, by umbrella metaphor, one who possesses a natural aim.

One of the essential details of archery is to «aim» for a smooth, more fluid release—which will allow for consistency and better accuracy… and the appropriate release of the bow is through relaxed fingers while the ‘drawing arm’ remains rigid, the ‘bow hand’ without tension—it is a muscular movement of motion, and follow through.

The original meaning of the word ‘sin’ was associated to archery, meaning ‘to miss the mark’, and had absolutely nothing to do with moral failure.

This is not only a technicality—it may even be something of an inherent gift.

Strange as it may seem today to say, the aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware. In this state of god-like awareness one sings; in this realm the world exists as poem.❞
——Henry Miller

The virginal healing goddess Artemis had aim—and it was one of the six wishes granted to her by her father Zeus, to honor her aim with a silver bow and arrow… she also preferred to wear a very short, scanty tunic that never would have met the measurement requirements of the 1920s.

Artemis’ other wishes included everlasting virginality—meaning, rather, purity and self-possession, to enjoy absolute independence, to be the ‘Light Bringer’ or ‘Torch Bringer’, as it’s been documented, to find fulfilling contentment through companionship with other women, girls, and dogs, also as something of a protectress to them, as well as a midwife, and finally, she requested that Nature be her temple—to always feel, and be, safe within this realm, as a way to connect wholly to All That Is.

The Artemisian theory of mythology speaks to many women, by most certainly self-protection and self-defense but more specifically, toward the fiercer sides of feminism, and at a most foundational level—Artemis represents the importance and vitality of being independent, self-possessed, and fulfilled by one’s own unique pursuits… and Artemis also associates herself to the edification of self-sufficiency through naturally uplifting and unapologetic means.

Artemis, perhaps, offered self-consciousness from an animal consciousness that was likely all that was otherwise subscribed to.

Seek the eternity of your existence.❞
——Lailah Gifty Akita

It is important to note, though, too, that Artemis was a goddess of contradiction—aren’t we all?—despite her severe protections over her own purity, she protected women in labor, the result of which was, in Artemis’ regard, of a sullied boundary of self-possession and self-dishonor… and as fiercely protective as Artemis was of her independence—she was quite «dependent» upon Nature, naturally, but also almost reciprocatively, to allow «for» her own independence with/from others.

Today may present something of a contradiction for you, or through you—like a metaphorical arrow…

Today is a day to look within, perhaps to conjure and commune with your inner Artemis, and to acknowledge the depths of your shadows and darkness—and may Artemis’ arrows strike the target of insight—because your need for insight, answers, or guidance will not be found beyond yourself, but only from within.

Artemis would turn to Nature… and perhaps you could, too.

Gary Lachman writes in his book “Caretakers of the Cosmos” that the five senses might actually be limiting to us, and in order to more effectively survive—and, perhaps more imperative: to function—in this world it might be necessary to “edit out most of the ‘interdependent connections’ linking everything to everything else… it may be the case, then, that our body reacts to what it perceives in ‘primary perceptions’, but we—our conscious selves—are unaware of this…” Quoting Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, from their book titled “The Secret Life of Plants”, “if everyone were to be in everyone else’s mind all the time it would be chaos.”

They look at my mountain as their mountain looks at them. Why do you stare at my mountain when you have yours to climb?
——Vineet Raj Kapoor

My point in referring to Lachman’s insights is to inspire you to consider that these insights you’re seeking might be more psychical in nature, either metaphorically or literally, and that you’re in fact getting in your own way, aiming at anything that jumps out at you and missing your mark altogether—the ultimate sin…

You might be in need of a reconnection to your own natural intuitions, that sixth sense—which, just so you know, will diminish in effectiveness if continually left unused… much like one’s aim with a bow.

The Piscean sun is moving through the midpoint degree between Venus and Neptune, and squaring the Nodes exactly—as the last quarter moon connects to the South Node by conjunction, exactly—all at the fifteenth degree of the mutabilities of Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces, and so it may feel as though the ‘target’ you’re aiming at is moving, like the dart games one might find at a circus or carnival, and you’re shooting for anything just to take aim.

A t-square implies a tension that is seeking relief through necessary adjustments, as is a last quarter moon, and so today’s energies, however flexible, are asking you to point aim with a fluid release, and your follow through will need to reflectively aim within, unapologetically, at your personal darkness—your darknesses and shadows «and personal contradictions» are necessary now, and will assist you in your aim, toward the insightful target you’re seeking.

In the long run, you hit only what you aim for.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

The word ‘Artemis’ means ‘unharmed’… and despite your fears about facing your own confronting demons and darkness—your psychic well-being will not be harmed by instructing your ego through your emotional darknesses in an effort to protect your potentials without apology.

And as Mercury is connected to Jupiter—Jupiter governing today’s last quarter moon—by conjunction, through the eighteenth degree of Aquarius, a degree which associates itself to the ‘unmasking’ of that which is darkened, shadowed, hidden, or secret—an inner dialog needs to occur, preferably and unapologetically, before this exposure is unveiled—though it is important to remember that this unveiling will ultimately be your opportunity.

And once this is effectively balanced—those targets will still, or at the very least slow…

Perhaps the lesson through today’s energies is offering opportunities for self-improvement, ultimately… to better study your aim, and apply honesty to your follow through, and to align yourself completely with that fluidity that allows you to grasp the insight you seek—not to prove that you’re right and an/Other is wrong, or needing to share skills at all…

Perhaps your lesson today is to prove to yourself that fortune is still on your side, and that true power and potential lie within.

Anytime you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on Earth.
——Roberto Clemente

*15°42′ at 5:30pm PST; 6:30pm MST; 7:30pm CST; 8:30pm EST
Lachman, G. “Caretakers of the Cosmos.” Floris Books; ©2013

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