Forecast for Saturday, March 6th
Sagittarius Balsamic Moon

Void of course in Sagittarius until 6:20pm PST*, moving without any lunarly contact, the moon might inspire a listlessness, while the sun, separating its square connections upon the Nodes, could be highlighting recent necessary adjustments…

All the while, simultaneously, Venus has moved into Pisces, adding an inspiring sense of enchantment or an entranced sense of ease, despite your feelings toward said necessary adjustments, and any omissions of optimism will be offered again.

Truly, with Venus moving into Pisces, joining forces with the sun and Neptune, this tripled influence will inspire inner muses and conjure creativity—these energies will titillate our inner critics and ease these viciously useless overtones, revealing only the inner madness of beauty existing within…

This madness will likely become severely tempered once the moon moves into Capricorn, though, this new ongoing Piscean presence will remain quite potent. 

Where do Capricorn energies and a diluge of Piscean presence overlap? Within the treasured troves of  much-needed respite and all sacred moments of self-determined solitude.

Ease is the sign of grace in everything.❞
——Marty Rubin

*VOC until 7:20pm MST; 8:20pm CST; 9:20pm EST

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——O.R. Melling

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