Forecast for Monday, March 8th
Capricorn Balsamic Moon; Part 2

Broadened awarenesses are emerging and willful upreaching is occurring… are you aligning yourself with actionable avenues of potential and forward motion?

This should not feel confrontational… though it might.

If these energies of actionability seem or feel threatening, aggressive, or confrontational—this could actually be an opportunity for you to clarify something very essential within yourself that needs more properly guided.

If these energies feel motivating to you—consider delving into yourself a bit more deeply… into yourself, meaning: toe-tipping into your psyche to explore more deeply your inner heartbeat—that heartbeat that beats into the darkness.

You might feel, today, as though it’s obligatory.

When the moon is in Capricorn we need to feel productive, and further, and much more productively—to be productive… and the monthly lunarly conjunction, if anything, will continue to hold you accountable for yourself and your (in)actions through March of 2023.

You don’t have enough time. You are being pulled in too many directions. Someone or something is stealing your time. Whether you complain that you are overworked and overextended or you believe that other people, obligations, or competing loyalties are forcing you to postpone or cancel your own aspirations or dreams, you’re basically saying one thing: you are inefficient. Yes, it’s your fault. It’s bullshit and you can change that.❞
——Jon Taffer

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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