Forecast for Tuesday, March 9th
Aquarius Balsamic Moon

Matthew McConaughey delivered a commencement speech at the University of Houston in 2015, outlining six or seven key points he refers to as signposts for graduates strategizing their next moves—one of McConaughey’s signposts was that the word ‘unbelievable’ is the silliest of all the words… that “‘unbelievable’ is an unbelievably stupid word…”

To say something is unbelievable, essentially, is to immediately discount it, to state that it cannot be believed, and thereby—that it couldn’t even be imagined, or be bothered to… if everything begins with a thought, a thought which is to be believed—anything unbelievable is doomed.

What an extraordinary limitation to put upon oneself…

There are endless examples of believability—things occur before our eyes all the time… today is beckoning you to imagine all that Could Be within your own reality, within your own immediate sphere, within your entire collective participation.

Today’s energies are daring you to believe. To believe in something.

To believe in what IS possible in these times…

Unbelievable is the stupidest word in the dictionary. Should never come out of our mouths. Think about it. To say: what an unbelievable play; it was an unbelievable book, an unbelievable film, an unbelievable act of courage… Really? It may be spectacular, it may be phenomenal, most excellent or outstanding. But unbelievable? Give others and yourself more credit. It just happened. You witnessed it. You just did it. Believe it. What about the other side of unbelievable? That side when we humans underperform or act out of our best character. For instance, man flies a suicide jet into the World Trade Center. Millions died from diseases every day that we have cures for. Bob the Builder swears that he’s going to have your house built by Thanksgiving and you can’t move in until Christmas the next year. Our best friends lie to us. And we lie to ourselves all the time. Unbelievable? I don’t think so. Again, it just happens and it happens every day.❞
——Matthew McConaughey

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