Forecast for Sunday, March 14th
Aries Crescent Moon

Within the weavings of your own personal web, all of its design is by instinct, and to only feel through each and every twist and turn without always envisioning mentally the grand patterning overall—this is the essence of our making.

Learning to balance the feelings with the knowings… the small scale stuff with the bigger picture. The synthesis of these two seemingly separate ideas that actually exist within one another as a wholeness—perhaps this is the essence of life itself?

So privileged we are that we can overlook the spider’s motivations…

Only through centering are we able to reconnect to All That Is, to the point of reconnecting with, literally, all that is—including the smallest spiders, as well as the largest land mammals… to cosmic supernovae; the heartbeat of the universe beats within all, we need only remember, recenter, and realign.

And feelings have absolutely nothing to do with it.

Today is a lovely day to consciously realign yourself to your center, to match your heartbeat with the heartbeat of the universe… to tune into the thoughts of the spider—and to empathize with the daydreams of a dog, or the musings of the meer cat. Further still, to center yourself to such a point of balanced bliss and presence that you can actually feel the leaves of plants move, and feel the weight of a tree rooted into the ground… or even hear the thoughts of those around you.

And listen to the stars—they are speaking to you.

Dare to care for that which is beyond you… keeping mind that caring is not controlling—it is not the nurturing of your personal preferences—but surrendering your time and energy to that which is absolutely and magically beyond you, with an open-ended love… this is love in action.

Taking the sacred time to find your center each and every day—and maybe more than once through a single day!—is love, in action, toward yourself… creating these spaces for yourself and for all that is to enjoy as well, through a devoted and concentrated centering, is a love that will always be returned.

What we all dread most is a maze with no centre.❞
——G.K. Chesterton

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling

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