Forecast for Wednesday, March 17th
Taurus Crescent Moon; Part 2

What do you value? And why?—specifically…

What holds meaning for you? I mean: what really matters…

Do these two sentiments need revising, updating, reinvigorating, or shifting?

Have you been actively nurturing these sentiments in your daily reality?

It is becoming time to ‘reap what you have sown’, but also what you have cultivated, as Rudhyar states it—or what you have failed to cultivate.

Or, failed to actively value.

These ‘failures’ need not be actual failures, of course, but more of a failure to follow through upon an/Other’s expectations of/for you—and others’ disappointments, certainly, are entirely not your failure to take responsibility for, though these unintentional ‘failings’ could be brought to your attention now.

Or, maybe there’s something you know you should’ve been nurturing with more initiative—or at least you claimed you would… perhaps now is a time to ponder why you didn’t follow through with it, or to consider, ultimately, what it is that’s holding you in a hesitation.

Whatever actual confrontations you receive today, and through the next week, or metaphorical synchrony or messages otherwise, could support you in navigating a more stable centeredness, to support a more authentically foundational potential toward nurturing that which truly matters—to you.

Because we only really ‘fail’ ourselves when we deny ourselves our authenticity—either privately, from within, or in action… though, emerging into an individuated self is never exactly easy.

If we will be quiet and ready enough, we shall find compensation in every disappointment.❞
——Henry David Thoreau

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——O.R. Melling

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