Forecast for Monday, March 21st
Cancer 1st Quarter Moon at 1°12′

Today’s first quarter moon at 1° Cancer may feel reminiscent to June of 2020’s total eclipse at 0° Cancer—and although I am writing this post in January of 2020, I can see even now—change is once again coming for you, whether you’re ready or not.

This is a pivotal degree point, zodiacally, tending to force an urgency or immediacy toward making a decision and/or initiating a change in action—as opposed to simply talking about it… though today’s potentially confrontational feel, however underlying, will be felt with much sentiment, much feeling, and possibly even grief.

Mercury connects to Uranus later in the day by degree, and so this would suggest that your inner inclinations could be sudden, uncomfortable, unexpected, or entirely without reason. It could be helpful to you to consider that Cancer rules the fourth house, traditionally, and wherever Cancer governs in your nativity could be pinpointing—however laterally—the end of a matter. And, again, depending upon how last year’s total eclipse treated you—it may have indeed treated you, or it may have tarnished or tattered something within you—today’s energies could simply be conjuring up these memories for you, or toward the consequences thereof.

In any event, whatever your circumstances may be, you are either considering or actually turning a corner, turning a new leaf, changing views, or sides, or mood, or shifting gears wholeheartedly—pun absolutely intended. These changes will be motivated in heart, by your heart, with your whole heart, and it’s important to treat it as so—with tenderness and patience.

Not to mention—Venus is connecting to the sun by conjunction, exact on March 26th at 6° Aries, a degree associating itself toward an inner desire for personal stability. Finding the connection between your emotions and your rational needs is likely the spark of this crossroads…

Better yet—in connecting with your emotional intelligence and seeking guidance through your heart-mind… it will likely much more tenderly open up your inner knowing from within through higher perspectives of clarity and awareness.

When something just doesn’t feel right—it isn’t right for you… however, growth is sometimes uncomfortable—an inner knowing is necessary, which is a devotion to yourself in centeredness. Further, if it’s stability that you’re seeking—that ‘falling into place’ feeling is pivotal.

Truly, every ending welcomes a new beginning, and as we wave adieu to winter to invite the vivid verdant of spring (here in the northern hemisphere), this ending is typically quite eagerly participated in… but sometimes endings look more like shifts, or turnings, change, or adjustment, much like the natural shifting of the seasons. And sometimes, true to the Cancerian nature of slow and mindful movement, always movement forward, nevertheless—albeit, laterally!—all that’s needed now is a lateral passageway, to secure comforts and potentials much more appropriate for you.

If you’re willing to participate, it’ll all fall into place.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.❞
——Leo Tolstoy

1stQ*1°12′ at 7:39am PDT; 8:39am MDT; 9:39am CDT; 10:39am EDT

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