Forecast for Wednesday, March 24th
Leo Gibbous Moon

It’s possible that a decision is needing to be made, or a stance is needing to be taken—or perhaps you are making an effort to alter, shift, pivot, change or adjust something… 

Be careful here.

The larger, wider picture of where you are now is pointing toward a juncture… and this is a precious place to be, though it may or may not exactly feel like it.

Particularly if you’re navigating your decisions, or choices, through your emotions or egoic motivations—this is especially dangerous, if not entirely detrimental. It is important to rise above now, to apply a discernment beyond yourself and all preferences—to see for yourself the bigger picture… to react through feelings rather than responding through awareness, and clarity, could really trick you up now.

Unnecessary risk is not advised.

Knowing who you are is strongly recommended.

Envisioning who you are making efforts in actionable living to become is imperative.

Should you willfully choose to continue ‘playing the game’ or ‘riding the wave’ or otherwise living on autopilot—to continue perpetuating your pain, your plight, or your problems you are directly and haphazardly participating in unnecessary risk with your own vitality and livelihood.

Should you be experiencing subtle frustrations, or fuming anger, you are likely acknowledging—however privately or inwardly—this willful participation in risk… you cannot lie to yourself, the soul doesn’t allow this—which is why the ego so readily and eagerly provides so many excuses to deny oneself or, conversely, grossly support one’s own victimization narratives and limitation.

Should you be experiencing a nameless frustration… try to simply stay in this space—try to feel it… try to feel it until you can effectively own it without blame or shame.

Try to think back to March 4th—where were you thoughts at this time?—how were you tricking yourself?

It’s time to be realistic. It’s time to take accountability.

It’s time to take accountability and ownership of your own actions… and of all the actions you haven’t taken.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.❞
——Siddhārtha Gautama

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