Forecast for Friday, March 26th
Virgo Gibbous Moon

Psychologist Abraham Maslow inspired the ‘hierarchy of needs’, the foundational levels of its pyramid list basic human needs for survival, for companionship, for community, and eventually, at its tip, for self-actualization—otherwise referred to as a peak experience.

Some of us have one really convincing peak experience, while many of us experience several peaks, though Maslow finally concluded that the ‘true peak’ is self-transcendence… which refers to “the very highest and more inclusive or holistic level of human consciousness, behaving and relating, as ends rather than means, to oneself, to significant others, to human beings in general, to other species, to nature, and to the cosmos.”

Self-actualization begins the process to self-transcendence, and involves “personal authenticity, purpose, and a realistic grasp on reality…”

Basically, self-actualization is the process of finally becoming yourself, embodying yourself and your highest potentials… while self-transcendence is the ultimate process of living beyond yourself—or, in other words, getting over yourself.

Self-actualization is what educated existence is all about…❞
——David Brooks

Techniques for transcendence, spiritual or otherwise, according to writer Mike Colagrossi, include: a will to find meaning in one’s life; creating something for the world; a balanced receptivity to the inherent beauty in the world; focused shifts from selfhood to the well-being of others; change for motivation of values; a steadied stream of elevated emotions; and moral concern for others… to read the full article.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar states that it is “stressed here… the fact that the power available to any man in time of crisis and decision has very deep roots in the past, whether the past of physical ancestry or the past outlined by a series of previous embodiments conditioned by some dominant purpose and by the many-phased development of a particular type of complex character… only the actions that are necessary—even if only in the long run—for meeting such a need can actually be called “spiritual”…”

Self-transformation commences with a period of self-questioning. Questions lead to more questions, bewilderment leads to new discoveries, and growing personal awareness leads to transformation in how a person lives. Purposeful modification of the self only commences with revising our mind’s internal functions. Revamped internal functions eventually alter how we view our external environment.❞
——Kilroy J. Oldster 

There’s fertile potential in the energies these days to both initiate ideals and ‘have your way’, rooted or otherwise, within your own reality… though it’s recommended that you know who you are, and it would be such an advantage to you to honestly actualize your ideals, in action—in fact, I would love to support you in your ideals through something I am beginning to refer to as actionable astrological guidance—though I doubt Facebook will allow me to change the name of my page.

To conclude, let me be clear—there is a rooted power within you… center yourself into it and come out, authentically, through it—then live beyond it.

Begin implementing your very lunarly Virgoan to-do list for living your most authentically self-actualized life today.

In this lifetime of ours, isn’t it worth going all the way with it?

Don’t compromise yourself. You’re all you’ve got.❞
——Janis Joplin

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