Forecast for Sunday, March 28th
Libra Full Moon at 8°18′

I’m one to argue that the term ‘happiness’ and all it represents and associates itself to is largely discouraging, defeating, and desensitizing, which may seem like something of a paradox, though, nevertheless, as Bill Maher is wont to say, ‘I don’t know it for a fact… I just know it’s true.’

Happiness is, to secure a definitional foundation, an illusion and always changing, not unlike truth or beliefs, or facts… happiness, like love, is a verb—an action—not really a feeling, contrary to popular belief, although, simultaneously, nevertheless, it is very much a feeling. Happiness, overall, is a way of life—it is a choice, a mindset, a reward for being realistic toward it.

Happiness will not, however, do all the dirty work while one sits around to enjoy all its pleasures… even Venusian indulgences through Aphrodite herself tend to wane once these are taken for granted.

The root of the word ‘happiness’ is not ‘happy’ but ‘hap’ meaning, according to dictionary.com, ‘one’s luck or lot; an occurrence, happening, or accident.’

Simply put, happiness happens…

Much like today’s oppositional energies, which are really more juxtapositionally cross-purposed between Aries and Libra—Aries represents one’s inner life force, one’s will, and one’s egoically inspired motivations, while Libra represents the harmony and happiness rewarded to one who is courageous enough to fight for that which one knows is one’s joy and soul purpose. Thereby, through this oppositional dynamic, happiness is earned, and endlessly fought for, and «harmony» is the consequential result.

I don’t know this for a fact… but it just has to be true.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.❞
——Dalai Lama XIV

Harmony, too, is a tricky thing… something of its own endless lemniscus of indefinable contradiction. Harmony, according to dictionary.com, is defined as ‘agreement; accord; consistency; order’… the noun to describe a handful of verbs: to agree; to accord; to consist; to order—a result of actions taken.

The word ‘harmony’ is derived from Latin as ‘harmonia’, meaning ‘framework’, naturally—is harmony the framework that joins together one’s consistency of agreements in action? Hmmm… it feels almost balanced by meaning.

Shifting in balance, today’s main connections occur through the eighth degree of both Aries and Libra—the sun connecting in conjunction to «both» Venus and Chiron at exactly 8° Aries… eight being the number of infinity, which associates itself to constant flow, or, in general terms—harmony.

A Libra moon is naturally inclined toward an/Other, seeking harmony and balance, and needing constancy—though these things feel tragically out of one’s control.

An Aries sun is naturally independent, or, at the very least, independently motivated, as is Venus—of course the sun associates itself more with character strength, and when transiting, more specifically, with one’s motivational force, and Venus, with one’s desires. And where Chiron is transiting represents where the collective wound is being picked at and potentially triggered… and when in Aries, where the sun, most significantly, is exalted in Aries, these motivations and desires and pickings—or triggers—are reflected somehow back toward oneself, from within.

It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.
——Dale Carnegie

And so again—a Libra moon pulls toward, from outward, beyond, however happily, while Aries energies reflectively magnetize within oneself… though, because Mars rules Aries, this magnetism can feel aggressive and quite direct.

So, there is an obvious imbalance of distribution here, with more celestial activity stirring and occurring through Aries over Libra, there will be a natural overcompensation—something Libra is already familiar with.

It is, perhaps, through the collaborative components of Venus and Chiron—Venus, traditionally, feeling somewhat awkward in Aries, and Chiron feeling a bit awkward anywhere… that the additional imbalance of distribution is occurring—in other words, you might need to initiate a change within your reality, within yourself, and within your squish, that will most likely feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar.

It could also manifest through actual events, this inner feeling of courage, or audacity, which hold you to your own stances… or it will force you to change.

Either way, you win… though this victory will require first-aid.

The eighth degrees of Aries and Libra, respectively, associate with both spiritual forces and spiritual power, and much like happiness and harmony—one just actively participate with spiritual forces to fully embrace the spiritual power available… this is a protected dynamic of interaction between Self and an/Other, between Self and All That Is—and this, in itself, is something of its own endless lemniscus of example and intentioned interaction.

This dynamic also demonstrates the dynamics of belonging and the differences between seeking for one’s home, for a purpose of place… and feeling a sense of security within one’s soul, one’s home within—which would imply a protective force, which is a sense of harmonious belonging—a belongingness in harmony. Belonging implies a reciprocative exchange. And on and on and on it goes… as is the endless flowing cycle of self and other, married, united.

So, overall, I don’t know it for a fact—I just know it’s true: you’ve got this, and the universe is supporting your efforts.

Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.
——Ayn Rand

Finally, Mars is separating from a recent conjunction with the North Node, through the thirteenth degree of Gemini, suggesting a powerful ‘source of inspiration’… this degree associates itself with “having entered upon the path of individualized experience that brings him in touch with broader or higher realms of superpersonal inspiration, the individual person is able to become himself a source of inspiration, an agent for Man… his role is to mobilize emotions, to present to others an image of what for most people is beyond their mediocre and lukewarm responses to the challenge of becoming “more-than-man”…”

Continued, “to experience more intensely and to see farther… one moves into new realms and successfully challenges the fears, the insecurity and the lack of self-confidence of the past in oneself—all negative attitudes which, while conditioned by the social environment, have become engraved upon the unconscious; having achieved this liberation, one can bring to the environment the power generated by self-discipline, skill and self-confidence.”

Also, the sun and Venus just connected by superior conjunction at 6° Aries… this is a degree that associates itself with “a desire for individualization [which] operates at first as a one-pointed or one-sided drive focusing itself upon an exclusive goal… the first attempt at building an inner realization of integral being[ness] may be defeated at any time by the regressive pull toward undifferentiat[ed actions thereby].”

Ultimately, the culmination of today’s energies peak through the eighth degree of Aries, opposed through a lunarly influence in Libra—which associates itself to ‘a blazing fireplace in a deserted home’… “the need to realize that even through the most empty hours a spiritual power is ever ready to welcome and warm up the wayward consciousness returning to center… in a sense it links the vision, catalyzed by the contact with an inspirer, with the possible reaction of fear or shock that arises from such a contact—within the abandoned great dream, some intangible and warm “presence” remains: the ever renascent hope for a rebeginning.”

I don’t know any of this for a fact… but it just has to be true.

On and on the eternal lemniscus harmonizes, and happily, the flame flickers on…

I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.❞
——Jane Austen

*8°18′ at 11:46am PDT; 12:46pm MDT; 1:46pm CDT; 2:46pm EDT
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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