Forecast for Thursday, April 1st
Sagittarius Disseminating Moon

A new month, a new opportunity—a new or revised attitude.

New experiences are waiting for you, whether you’re willing or not—but particularly, these experiences should be quite rewarding if you’re open to adjusting your preferences and flexing your rigidities…

Truly, each day is an opportunity. Each day is a new day. Thereby, each day should be taken on with entirely fresh eyes.

Sure. This is frustrating… but it’s time to put yourself on priority—the transpersonal responsibility focus that’s been lingering since January (if not since October) is thickening and becoming more and more heightened by the day… and not only are we experiencing daily effects of propogandized polarization—we are feeling a smidge polarized from within.

As Rudhyar delineated, “there must be a polarization before there can be fulfillment… the tragedy of so many contemporary lives is that, having become sharply individualized, the men and women cannot find their truly matching polar-opposite—because they are not fulfilled at the root level of human emotions and vitalistic forces, they pass their lives seeking the ideal complement, often glamorized as the “soul mate”…”

Continued, “the Adam and Eve story refers to this principle of polarization, although the story has been turned upside down by priestly intellects to serve their purposes… Adam and Eve accepted the Presence, not of the Tempter—but of the Individualizer, who sought to have them born out of the womb of unconscious passivity to Nature’s God. But the result of the experience frightened them. They “hid”; they failed in the great test of individualization, and in this sense the archetype of that failure is deeply imbedded in man’s generic unconscious. It is repeated time after time…”

Moreover, “modern “individuals” are confronted with another test, but they do not understand its meaning—it is the test of polarized conscious participation in the evolutionary process… a polarization that could dissolve alienation, isolation and egocentricity… projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment… every individual may be confronted with the potentiality of a fulfilling act of self-realization—we are told by it that the fulfillment of desire is a possibility, at whatever level and in however incomplete a manner it may be experienced.”

Wholeness within yourself, to be reflected back into the collective, is your transpersonal responsibility—this is the new experience waiting for you.

Last year was the year I lost my patience with people who deal with life like it is not precious.❞

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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