Astrological Concepts of Compatibility

I’m often asked if compatibility is likely between someone and another.

Especially since magazines and newspaper columns glorify the idea of compatibility through aspect and element alone, without any consideration beyond the sun signs, a huge disservice is offered through the already mocked and mutated science and study of astrology.

Astrology is a self-centered science, in that, all we understand to exist within our universe orbits around the sun. The sun, astrologically, represents our self-esteem, our ego, our self-interest.

Why on earth would we look to our sun signs alone to explain potential compatibility within a relationship!?

One would need to explore where the moon is, Mercury, Venus and Mars before considering the placements of the sun in seeking to understand compatibility.

Where one’s moon is found will describe one’s personal habits, routines, and preferences; one’s idiosyncrasies and personal weaknesses and/or intolerance to other’s idiosyncrasies; one’s temperament within bonds and willingness to expose one’s vulnerabilities… in other words, more bluntly based—if your moon isn’t happy, you’re not happy.

Where one’s Mercury is found tells, quite directly, how one communicates.

Quite frankly, if there’s no communication in a relationship, regardless of potential everywhere else– it ain’t goin anywhere!

Venus explains love and passion and the dreams we seek. And how we are when we’re at our best.

If Mars makes no connections, it’s quite possible that the relationship will go nowhere.

Mars tells us how we’ll act to see these dreams through. And how we behave when we’re at our worst.

So you see, because I’m an Aries means little in regard to whether you’re a Taurus or an Aquarian; it’s where everything is in my natal chart in relation to everything in yours, and how all of these factors play out among everything else that is currently occurring that will provide the bigger, and much more accurate, picture foretelling whether you and I will play nice or not play at all at this time.

Because we’re all compatible, on some level, to everyone and anyone. At one time or another.

It’s when we begin to consider cohabitation, loyalties, and love; business deals and partnerships; children, career, and carnal luxuries that we begin to consider a bigger picture.

Someone with more fire in their charts than say earth, more mutable energy than fixed, and more of a flair for independence may be completely compatible with someone who has more fixed elements in their western quadrant, a determination for a family, but a moon in Sagittarius.

And likewise. They’re nuts for one another.

But that determination for independence combined with one for family simply will not work in the long run. Not to mention any or all of the sociological factors beneath the surface at hand here.

Not if each of these individuals are living in alignment with their truth.

And thems the brakes.

At the end of the day, we’re either content or disappointed. Not by/because of someone else, but in and of ourselves.

It is when we better understand ourselves that we’re truly able to understand the wants and needs of another.

Or, if you’re working a job you loathe only to pay your bills and/or support your family, do you honestly think that that will do? That this foundation will provide you with what you need?

I suppose, indeed, it may.

However, at what cost?

We have a way of teaching what it is we need to learn, each and every day. And in some way, we learn; through disappointments and/or through the beauty and simplicities in each and every day we find what we seek and learn what we know.

But only if we’re true.

Without truth, we will remain broken.

Disappointed. Scorned and torn.

With truth, and living in alignment to your Truth, you realize happiness, love, and potential beyond what you ever thought possible. And that’s always compatible.

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