Forecast for Sunday, April 4th
Capricorn Last Quarter Moon at 14°51′

Recent machinations, manifestations, and messages alike—are blossoming eagerly and abundantly, naturally, with spring’s blooms.

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.❞
——Anaïs Nin

However, and as I write this in advance, in January of 2020, I struggle…

The expression or visualization of blossoming may seem, feel, or read strangely for a description about a last quarter moon, in Capricorn of all signs, despite it being April as you read—there isn’t much blooming occurring through the winter phase of Capricorn, and last quarter moons, if anything, associate with the preparations of release, letting go, and surrender…

I have struggled with this post for weeks, its energies, inviting only further frustration…

And one day—it clicked.

Oddly enough, winter pansies thrive in freezing temperatures—something one would associate with winter, or Capricorn—blooming despite being frozen solid, emerging and ready to grow regardless of such harsh environmental conditions.

The word ‘pansy’ originates from the mid 15th century French word ‘penser’ or ‘pensee’, meaning ‘to think or ponder’, which I find overwhelmingly appropriate in this moment of discovery, I cannot explain… this word was derived from the Latin word ‘pensare’ which means ‘to consider’, or ‘pendare’, ‘to take measure; to take everything into consideration’. How very persevering and Capricornian, indeed; thriving regardless of circumstance, despite it all.

Further still, and even more adroitly associative for today’s energies—the symbolism created for the pansy regards free thought, derived, of course, from the very word meaning to think… furthermore, this free thought was intended to represent freedom from societal constraints, expectations, emotions or religious dogma—in it’s highest light or regard, it highlights the exchange of pure logic and reason.

To give another a pansy is to express, simply, that they are on your mind.

Capricornian energies, however, are notoriously focused-thinking—thinking only of the goal, a goal of success and recognition and high honors, a goal which is typically born of societal, status, familial, religious and/or ancestral patterning or conditioning—a goal which typically and inevitably leads you to thrive through frozen grounding and emerge into harsh realities, or conditions which do not nurture notions of love or warmth.

It is time to emerge, and familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, or, at the very least, new details within your circumstances. It is time to take responsibility for your part within your wider horizons… and time to hold yourself accountable for the openness of your heart, your openness to receive—despite the harshness of your current reality.

What can you do to change some of the circumstances in your environment?

How can you thrive through metaphorically freezing climates?

Today’s energies could also inspire you to be alone to think and ponder freely for awhile, or to seek guidance from an elder or someone with more experience within your field of interest, to gain invaluable insights toward how to navigate these current circumstances, and to bloom, despite it all.

The concept of hope it’s a delicate thing, much more so when surrounded by hopelessness in all directions… it is imperative now that you hold hope.

Do not allow your circumstances, those in your immediate surroundings, the environment, or reality itself to take your hope—harbor it, care for it with tenderness… and with the courage of thinking freely.

A new reality is ahead, and with this new reality a new approach to it will be necessary, if not demanded. Freely thinking beyond the constraints of the past will be a most courageous and thriving act of will… of course, you’ll have to live in action, though, in living your authenticity the ‘work’ won’t feel so ‘hard’.

Perhaps it’s through the release of old ways and a need for letting go of thoughts and processes that were long ago conditioned—thoughts and conditioning that simply are not authentic to you—and it’s necessary now for you to fully surrender to this new reality awaiting you…

And you’re up for it.

Prepare to bloom, despite the oddity of it.

Destroy the idea that you have to be constantly working to be successful. Embrace the concept that rest, recovery, and reflection are parts of the progress toward a successful and happy life.
——Zach Galifianakis 

*14°51′ at 3:02am PDT; 4:02am MDT; 5:02am CDT; 6:02am EDT
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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