Forecast for Thursday, April 8th
Pisces Balsamic Moon; Part 2

Amidst the shrinking, weakening, slendering balsamic moon, the distracted and daydreamy and surrendered Piscean moon, despite lowered expectations and next-to-nothing energy levels and nearly empty appetites squaring up to the directionality of the Nodes—Mercury connects to Chiron at 9°30′ Aries, suggesting a keen attention, indeed, is being paid to something.

You have nuanced expectations toward something…

This sharpened, not at all nuanced, inner realization of focus is obvious to you.

This sharpened inner realization of focus is something astrologer Dane Rudhyar described as a “revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.”

This sharpened inner realization of focus is something of a quickening, a new beginning, an awakened state, a ‘new dimension of consciousness’… “revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental (emotional, and psychical) development.” (parentheses mine)

Because it’s Mercury connecting to Chiron it would suggest that you’re ready to learn or initiate a new way of thinking, living, feeling, or loving… or, perhaps, ready to initiate the learning of a new way of thinking about living, feeling, or loving. What once caused pain or triggered anxiety or reeked of sadness or ambivalence is now encumbered with courage, or maybe even excitement. 

This sharpened inner realization of focus is upon something that means much to you, and is not being taken lightly… but this something holds something of a life line for you—and through it your potential itself is not at all nuanced, but indeed absolutely obvious and realized.

Your potential is becoming keenly realizable.

Prepare to begin. Prepare to begin living the realizable.

No one can possibly know what is about to happen; it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.❞
——James Baldwin

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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