Forecast for Saturday, April 10th
Aries Balsamic Moon

There are a few celestial alignments and applications occurring throughout today—but as the newly Aries moon prepares itself for newness, it first connects with Chiron, and then Mercury, but not before it meets the midpoint between the two… what hurts should be expressed, what isn’t necessarily within your comfort zone should be explored, and—God help us all—what triggers will likely be shared…

In preparation for tomorrow’s new moon in Aries—it is time, either way, to confront yourself, to step up into your potential (whether it triggers you, or others, or not—this should hardly be the concern), and to be unapologetically courageous in your actions.

It is time. No more excuses. This is for you. It is time. Now’s the time, the time is Now.

You have to do it for your fucking self. The meaning of your life is yours alone to create. No one else can make you happy. No one else can fill you up. No one else can fight your battle or take your journey. When you’re at the bottom, looking up can be discouraging. It’s such a long way. But every strained pull makes you stronger. Every painful hold makes you tougher. Every inch you rise makes you more determined not to fall. Have you slid back? Have you been knocked down? Have you ever really even had the courage to climb?
——Kate Moss

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling      

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