Forecast for Sunday, April 11th
Aries New Moon at 22°25′

Today is the zodiacal new year—today is a day of beginning.

With the feeling of beginnings, a natural sense of possibility becomes you—the hope of promise is both whimsical and warranting.

The degree through which this astrological new year new moon event occurs associates itself with what astrologer Dane Rudhyar proclaimed as ‘the abundant life’, that “the abundant life is in theory open to all.” Rudhyar idealized that this was, truly, the dream, and is found to be accomplished with ease when humanity works together, with cooperation.

And, even further, when we, as individuals, are in alignment with our own individuated self.

So much potential, so much promise of possibility… so many pangs of paralyzingly phobic panic!

Sometimes, despite how strange or skewed or silly it may sound—we become fearful of our own potential, paralyzed by the thought of our own capacity for success… it can also be a fear of failure—but typically, and more primitively, and especially now through these current energies—it is very likely a fear of success that is both creating most of your anxieties and deterring you from your most motivated intentions.

Achievemephobia. It’s a thing.

The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are all moving through this first initiating zodiacal energy of Aries, suggesting—quite loudly and aggressively—that you make your move, any move—just make a move already!

Despite all signs blinking ‘go’, this alone can feel somewhat debilitating.

What if you’re not ready?

What if it isn’t what you «really» want?

What if…

Sometimes, also, we are inclined to create unnecessary and unwarranted drama to avoid, complicate, or push away the very thing it is we desire or deserve?

The question then becomes—what if you’re not worthy of desiring? (And, of course, you are…)

What if you’re not deserving? (Again—you are.)

These fear-based and egoically bullying questions can haunt you, destroying confidence, esteem, and spirit…

A large part of the essence within today’s energies derive from its initiating spark of emergence, of crossing the symbolic threshold between the harshnesses of winter into the fresh promise of bloom in spring… these energies inspire us to remember who we are and who we are striving to become—in what ways are we actively working to grow?—these energies revive our inner spirit and realign our soul and psyche with the etheric heartbeat of the cosmos.

Today’s energies also regard and resemble the energies invested within the Fool card of the tarot.

The Fool is typically shown as an idiot with a hobo kerchief tied to a stick, holding his few primitive possessions—a scraggly dog biting at his ankle as he strolls—and most horrifically, this card depicts an absent-minded idiot looking up toward the sun as he is heading toward a cliff.

Now. Historically, this card has served to support the idiocy of free-spirits and support the ostracization of those seeking to venture beyond a herd mentality, to celebrate those who chose to remain confined by the institutionalized status quo… however—the Fool is neither foolish nor absent-minded, but rather knows exactly where he’s going.

The Fool symbolizes absolute trust of his inner compass, his soul, and his divinity—and this, my friend, is authenticity in action—and so the cliff represents the Fall, it has been speculated, and the enlightened entrance upon alternative routes of soul purpose… the road less traveled indeed.

The Fool is being guided by his inner knowing toward higher consciousness and full potential—neither of which are welcome or encouraged in today’s society at large, as we are conditioned at every corner to fear, to thoughtlessly fulfill created sensations of lack, and remain content with sanctioned standards set by ignorance or evil. The Fool tells the story of falling to his own self-regard and compassioned self-understanding, to willfully embrace his own shadows and to embark upon the greatest adventure of all—the journey of individuated self-discovery.

My point is that your soul is not of this physical realm of institutional mumbo jumbo—and whatever detail of reality within this physical realm that is paralyzing you with fear beyond the idea of absolute fulfillment—rise above it.

How much of your future are you allowing yourself to envision?

How wide are you permitting your own horizons to be?

How many obstacles are you, yourself, creating to avoid, complicate, or push away from your own deserving ideals?

Allow yourself a precious pause before proceeding—there is much to consider now before you.

There is a need, now, to prepare yourself, most fully and truly, for the powerful potential and quite plausible possibilities before you, waiting for you.

Because you are alive, everything is possible.❞
——Thich Nhat Hanh

*22°25′ at 7:30pm PDT; 8:30pm MDT; 9:30pm CDT; 10:30pm EDT
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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