Forecast for Tuesday, April 13th
Taurus Crescent Moon

The etymology of the word ‘alienate’ describes estrangement, which is to estrange, to ‘belong to another’, as in to be foreign from one’s origins…

Much like The Fool card of the tarot, is this to imply an opportunity toward one’s originality, despite a severe lack in possessing or enjoying one’s own familiarity? 

Perhaps today it is.

Truly, to feel estranged is to feel a smidge of hostility, by nature—whether you feel estranged from a group of people, from your own sense of purpose, or even toward yourself and selfhood—in relation to others or not.

The milk is sour, with olives on my thumbs
And all that I have stuck to and all that I have clung to
I’ve felt like a dog, in this world that I have trusted
Has been over and busted and rusted by an arbitrary sonogram
Oom oom sha la la
Oom sha la la…
——Haley Heynderickx; “Oom Sha La La” lyrics

A much more grounded moon separates from a very early connection to Uranus, the Awakener… and perhaps this month this particular connection is a bit more exaggerated, as the very recently ungrounded Aries new moon was so intensely influential—awakening even—and Venus is moving through the gumptions of the last degree of Aries, moving into Taurus tomorrow.

The catch with the estrangements of Uranus is that it insists upon what goes against the status quo, sure, to alienate—but upon a personal level, these influences insist upon going against YOUR OWN status quo…

Maybe instead of exhilarated, you’re feeling more alienated?

Or perhaps you’ve been reluctant to initiate or implement new changes or shifts or pivots within your own reality?—and so you’re quite possibly feeling quite alienated by the seemingly drastic or out-of-nowhere changes or shifts or pivoting an/Other is initiating and implementing… this, too, is possible.

Anything can happen—anything happens all the time.

My astrological advice would be to embrace the unknown as much as you’re able, to do what you’re able to to find the flow, and prepare for volatility occurring either from within or all around—especially if change is being resisted.

Really—skewing your perspective even a teeny bit would be something… because it’s when you begin to think and feel that you know and understand every way there is to do and think about and understand something that Uranian influences wish nothing more than to alienate and obscure these ignorant preferences and complacencies.

My astrological advice would be, simply: to enjoy the process; for better or worse—it’s motivating you, isn’t it!?

If you don’t go outside, well nothing’s gonna happen
She’ll never write her number on a crumpled up napkin
She’ll never be your ego—she’ll never be a bandit
She’ll never get to eat you like your heart’s a pomegranate
I’m throwing out the milk, the olives got old
I’m tired of my mind getting heavy with mold
I need to start a garden
I need to start a garden
I need to start a garden
I need to start a garden!
Oom sha la la…
——Haley Heynderickx; “Oom Sha La La” lyrics

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❝If you’re betwixt and between, trust the one with red hair.❞
——O.R. Melling      

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