Forecast for Monday, April 19th
Leo 1st Quarter Moon at 0°25′

Post written in January, 2020

The sun, Mercury, and Venus now join Uranus, moving through the celestial energies of Taurus in a stellium of steadied steadfast sentiment and spirit, these organic force fields stirring an inner strength, core vitality, and invaluable divinity… in only a matter of days, the energies have moved from go go go go go to—wait, what’s the rush exactly?

The sun/Mercury superior conjunction yesterday occurred through the twenty-ninth degree of Aries… and now Mercury connects to today’s first quarter moon in conjunction by one degree—intuitions are strong now, and if you’re tuned in to your instincts and intuitions, regardless of tedious details or factual logistics, you are likely more prepared and connected than you realize.

This attunement, if you will, to your soul/psyche alignment, is crucial, and invaluable—without such a connection, distractions become overwhelming… drama, inevitable.

You’re at a turn in your journey where you might be needing to make a choice—and your connective attunement will not fail you, if you’re being honest with yourself.

This choice needing to be made may not have a direct placement in your current circumstances, but could influence directions and details down the road, or, maybe this decision needing to be participated with, or action to be considered or strategized, cannot actually be entertained or implemented at the moment… though it requires your attention in an underlying way.

With so much energy moving through Taurus, it must be considered that ‘the roots’ of any issue—just underneath the showy surface of something—need to be nurtured, tended to, actualized, and/or cared for in some way now… in order for your vulnerabilities to eventually express themselves supportively, these fundamental factors must be authentically understood and honestly applied.

Again. It is possible that no actions are needing to be taken at this time, or that anything could be done now anyway—preventative measures, however, couldn’t hurt.

Further, today’s energies are interesting in a provoking way in that both an overwhelm of Taurean energies and a highlight of illuminated Leo energy are both very fixed in nature… you are definitely experiencing the all-natural surge of ambitiousness coursing through your veins, though the manner in which you express these motivations is needing some attention—the ways in which you express these motivations, now, may need to be altered, revised, or entirely changed.

However. Ultimately. You’re working and securing control toward that which you’re striving for…

What exists within your heart needs to move into your head now, becoming balanced and cohesive, especially as these energies eventually move on into Geminian energies—though this can be quite tricky.

When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego, when we escape like squirrels turning in the cages of our personality and get into the forest again, we shall shiver with cold and fright but things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves. Cool, unlying life will rush in…
——DH Lawrence

*1stQ/0°25′ at 11:57pm PDT/12:57am MDT; 1:57am CDT; 2:57am EDT
Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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——Viola Davis

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