Forecast for Tuesday, April 27th
Scorpio Disseminating Moon

Intensity and extremes continue today as yesterday’s climactic vibrations reverberate, transfigure and transmute new truths, trivias, and talismans…

Several new celestial collaborations occur today—the moon first squares Saturn; and will then moves to oppose both Venus and Mercury in Taurus; and finally, far beyond the moon, allow me to share with you that yesterday Pluto stationed retrograde a handful of hours after the full moon was exact—and the manner in which a moon in Scorpio, in its authenticity, would navigate this will likely involve just a smidge of strategy, to say the very least.

Whatever has passed, decayed, died, shifted, or transformed in your reality is offering, in whatever manner is appropriate for the circumstance, a rebirth of some sort—something new and entirely unfamiliar is being offered, or is readily available to you.

The moon notoriously prefers to keep, to protect, to hoard, and to cling… and Scorpionic energies demand the much needed purge, destruction, elimination, or revocation—and depending upon how you’re embracing these notions will directly correlate to how seamless or struggled this process will feel to you… the sting of the scorpion, either way, will be felt.

The balance in between these two extremes is in transformation, and allowing the transfiguration of this…

Keep in mind, too, that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera describes this moon as a moon through which we confront and question ourselves: what would we do, and how far would we go, if we were in a situation of powerlessness and oppression? Kaldera asks you to ask yourself on this lunar phase: how do we use small pieces of power every day?

To further this dynamic, today’s moon squares Saturn in Aquarius suggests experimentation and inventiveness, and learning from mistakes, as well as intuiting clues within the inner workings of connecting dots—all of which may involve calculated risks on your part… basically, having “the ability to relate seemingly unrelated facts.”

Remember: you are creating your vision (or not)… what is occurring all around you is “the driving urge toward achievement…” in one way or another.

The lunarly opposition to Mercury and Venus will additionally influence both a potential need to “lighten up…” as well as take a “deep breath…” and how you choose to strategize these will likely directly correspond to how you are experiencing your reality from within—truly, for some of you experiencing the more intense manifestations and ramifications of yesterday’s full moon, suggesting you ‘lighten up’ might trigger extreme feelings… I get it—(that’s why those suggestions are in quotes wink as per suggested through the degrees as delineated by astrologer Dane Rudhyar…. ) but I think it’s to suggest first: getting over yourself; and then: to hold gratitude in that you’re still standing.

Finally, Pluto stationed retrograde yesterday, further intensifying the energies of the full moon event, as a modern ruler of Scorpio, and thereby the full moon… for the significance of this, we look to the twenty-seventh degree of Capricorn… 

Within the circumstances of your current reality, within the ending of what is no longer and the beginning of what is not yet… “there may be a need to strive and to learn more on your path to understanding and fulfillment… the effort that you have to expend is sometimes great, but, then, so can be the rewards—a keen sense of ambition knows few limitations or boundaries and can lead to the top, even though it might be a steep climb.”

This degree associates itself to a pilgrimage—and can “signal the need to get back to the purer elements of life and finding one’s spiritual grounding…” as you are, somewhere in your reality, ‘setting off to somewhere else’… somewhere—whether it’s an actual place, a standing, a new position, a new relationship, a new adventure, or simply in attitude—entirely new… you’re not familiar with where you’re heading in any way—how will you use your power in this new reality through your everyday?

Self-improvement begins by recognizing personal faults.❞
——Kilroy J. Oldster

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If you’re dedicated to change, let it cost you something.❞
——Viola Davis  

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