•●Tuesday Forecast★

•●Tuesday Forecast★

Taurus New Moon at 21°18
By noon PDT; 1pm MDT; 2pm CDT; 3pm EDT
—May 11

Issues of security, grounding, and foundational improvements are illuminated through today’s new moon, as are the areas in which these ideas and ideals are needing some attention… and this detail may be a bit tricky.

Astrologer Diana McMahon Collis points out in TMA that this Taurean new moon is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith by one degree… that “this point represents a void, where we may feel we fundamentally lack something—yet is also a place from which creativity can spring… the void is formless; we may project something into it, or just experience the darkness of it, yet its creative potential can be exciting, if we are willing to allow it room to develop—we can bring forth something new from the dark space, rather than be engulfed by it.”

McMahon Collis describes the ‘bull in the china shop’ metaphor for the new moon, the clumsied messiness of it all—that we’ll inevitably make something of a mess with these new and unfamiliar opportunities… especially through the extremes embedded in between, “right now growth and creativity may, indeed, occur quite messily—the important thing is to embrace the Taurean urge to bring improvements in life or build on something, however messy it may be… handling this chaotic scenario may have an emotional and physical impact on us, but it will be more tolerable if we remember we are dealing with a work in progress.”


In other words, another perspective I would like to add to the original copy/paste of this post… as astrologer Leslie Benson explains, the influence of Black Moon Lilith can be interpreted as “a catalyst for going into process around reclaiming aspects of our true nature—Lilith can be seen as representing those facets of our being and personality that we have unconsciously deemed not okay… this is generally through internalizing some element of our early childhood environment and cultural conditioning that becomes buried away to come up as unconscious patterning—Black Moon Lilith therefore also represents the difficult journey of reclaiming those lost parts of ourselves as we grow and heal… we find ourselves encountering the places where we’ve felt unloving of our own body, sensed a lack of self-worth, or where we have yet to own and integrate our core values into our developing manifest reality.”

It is beneficial, too, to understand that several celestial factors—the building Gemini assembly all applying the North Node—are signaling rather pesky feelings of urgency, to act, to move, to speak, to share… to do something.


There is a lack of substance surrounding these urges to act, to move, to speak, or to share. The fullness of your inner substance is not yet comprehensively understood…

This degree associates itself with “bridging two worlds; determination to impart an important message from a higher vibrational plane (though obnoxiously insistent); providing spiritual nourishment to a public that is starving for spiritual purpose; getting people on one’s wavelength; raising people’s vibrational levels (stirring up a bee’s nest); attacking social myths by weaving counter-mythologies or fantasies from lucidly recalled mental impressions… gaining a transcendent, if alien, perspective on a difficult worldly situation.”³

If you don’t know who you are, and/or are living from a place of fear… as these two ideas sort of immerse themselves… you might be resisting something—even the idea of something!—rather stubbornly, and are thereby unavailable to receive.

Today’s energies may be showing “the need for hope and help—to be delivered to those who need it… although there may be trouble all around, you will be able to rise above it and find safe ground.”⁴


This hope is offered… by “flying straight and fearlessly, a message to stay on course, to go straight ahead and don’t worry about what’s happening around you…” 

Something within you is striving for a connection… whether it is a feeling, an urge, an expression of self, a thought, or a need.

What’s messier, after all, than a feeling you’re learning to understand?—especially if you’ve previously tried to resist it.

Whether you have truth it must be given with love, or the message and the messenger will be rejected.❞
——Mahatma Gandhi

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