★Friday Forecast

★Friday Forecast

Gemini/Cancer Crescent Moon
—May 14

Let’s remember that Jupiter is now in Pisces, and today’s moon illuminates it for the first time by a trine from the cardinal zero degree of Cancer… change is being born, quite literally, for better or worse.

The moon moves into Cancer early in the evening on the west coast* and moves most of the day, then, void of course in Gemini, likely resulting in high potentials for restlessness, listlessness, daunting ambivalence, and/or busied busyness.

This back-and-forth might be conceivable for a Gemini moon, but a Cancer moon will not be impressed…

A Cancer moon also doesn’t gleefully volunteer for change—but begrudgingly submits, resentfully, through many many very lateral moves… a trine connection may inspire whatever change is upon you to be a smidge more cooperative—but lateral and begrudging may be instilled.

You can hear our sad brains screaming: give us something familiar, something similar to what we know already, that will keep us steady, steady going nowhere.❞
——Fiona Apple

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