—May 17th-23rd

So many sextiles this week… 

Sextiles are collaborative building blocks, should you use your freewill to constructively work with the flow of it all.
Cafe astrology.com says of sextiles, that “the sextile is often read quite like a trine, although there is a distinction between the two aspects—sextiles, like trines, point to some talent and ease… however, sextiles have a little more “oomph” to them—sextiles are communicative and relationship-friendly aspects; they point to energies that are capable of being directed… sextiles reveal the potential for intelligent use of the energies.”

Personal accountability all over the place…

This week we will see the building of sextiles between the sun and Neptune, between the separating Venus/North Node conjunction and Chiron, between Mars and Uranus, and more longer-ranging influences, between the likes of an ongoing Saturn and Chiron dynamic this year, and a much more further reaching duo between Neptune and Pluto.
Luckily, this is celestial speak, in one way or another, for collaborative cooperations—if you actively work with these opportunities.

Also, there’s a building assembly of Geminian energies, with the sun soon to be in Gemini (the 20th), and the North Node, Venus, and Mercury already moving through Gemini… which would suggest, too, collaborative efforts—but also, simply, the naturalness of exchange, in any manner of speaking… so, again: potentials for opportunity.

Last week’s main emphasis, other than an overreaching bombardment conveying the need for personal accountability, as well as the hindrances of inflexibility otherwise, was an introduction of Jupiter in Pisces… this week introduces Saturn stationing retrograde through the thirteenth degree of Aquarius.

Essentially, Jupiter has vibrated through all of Aquarius, opening channels for Saturn to cohesively connect and secure through its slower route through Aquarius—manifestations Jupiter expanded from January up to Now will be secured by summer of 2022 and fully crystallized by spring of 2023.

In other words, Saturn is ‘making real’ all of Jupiter’s ideals… beginning at the core and working outward. But not without your determination, accountability, and ownership of authenticity.

For now, however, Saturn will move retrograde until October 12th, and station direct at 6°53′ Aquarius, a degree which associates itself to the “fresh projection of the creative Spirit that emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any local culture and racial tradition… the emergence of global man for the New Age—the power of the whole is focused within… perfect freedom from ancient standards of value based on local conditions.”¹

This is what we’re working toward, then—innovation… “innovative ways of doing things, with new directions and new solutions… unique approaches that will give the ability to follow unusual and original paths leading to new emergences… there’s the possibility of unleashing rebellious energy—so make sure that this beginning doesn’t start off with any precocious or spoiled attitudes…”²

❝Our wretched species is so made that those who walk on the well-trodden path always throw stones at those who are showing a new road.❞

Innovative transformation, collaborative transmutations…
Absolutely new beginnings—we’ve never been here before, folks: no one knows the answers, no one knows The Way.
Further, there “can be an uneasy or unsure feeling about the viability of a situation… many ideas or projects die because they won’t have enough initial capital or support or dedication to last the distance—it may be something out of the ordinary or slightly odd—don’t let this scare you; try to recognize the potential rewards and see what you can learn from them.”²

Further still, this degree can “also show prejudice or fear of things that are different—there may be the need to be more consciously tolerant toward people or situations no matter their origins or backgrounds… this can also represent the gestation of an idea, process of project that’s outside your direct influence.”²

The last time Saturn moved through this degree was through February of 2021—reflect back to what was emerging for you in your reality say that time… from now through October you will be given an opportunity to (re)collaborate your alignment. 

Before then, the last time Saturn moved through this same degree was in May of 1991.

How might you tie up loose ends?—how might you bring the issues from February to a closure?—from both/either February, or even 1991?

In what ways could you strengthen some of your vulnerabilities through collaborative means to become more authentic, disciplined and self-sufficient?

What are your priorities then?

What responsibilities must you tend to toward this goal?

How can you be both cautious and realistic toward this new ideal?

Saturn will move back through the thirteenth degree of Aquarius through the month of January, 2022.

❝What it means to be authentic: to be more concerned with truth than opinions; to be sincere and not pretend; to be free from hypocrisy: to ‘walk your talk’; to know who you are and to be that person; to not fear others seeing your vulnerabilities; being confident to walk away from situations where you can’t be yourself; being awake to your own feelings; being free from others’ opinions of you; and accepting and loving yourself…❞
——Sue Fitzmaurice

★Monday Forecast
Leo Crescent Moon
—May 17

Today’s Leo moon is ruled by the Taurean sun, which is connecting to Pluto by trine, magnifying a penetrative stance toward adaptations, dynamics of power, matters of dignity, and ‘puncturing through complicated pseudo-explanations’… even political radicalism.³

However fixed these energies may feel, it’s an opportunity in warmth, however disguised, to revised what needs revision, to restore what might be lacking, and to revive what could be in need of some additional nourishment.

Mars continues to separate from its recent quincunx with Saturn, continuing to reverberate either throughout any adjustments made, or toward the need to make a necessary sacrifice… refer back to my previous post regarding Mars and the resounding necessity toward openness, open-heartedness, and being open for vulnerability, and being open to receive.

What adjustments have you made?

Have you opened yourself to yourself?

Have you opened to your own vulnerability, or another’s?

On this note—this note of vulnerability—it may need to be examined… both the moon and Venus and mingling with Chiron, separately and simultaneously—which would imply a vulnerability that is both personal and rather squishy.

A Leo moon mindset, however, can be proud… be wary of this.

A Leo moon, most truly, wants only to experience love and connection, and authentic union—try not to allow past pain or anything you might consider to be a weakness to come between yourself and such a united connection… an openness to receive is perhaps what today’s focus might be.

❝We are at our most powerful the moment we no longer need to be powerful.❞
——Eric Micha’el Leventhal

★Tuesday Forecast
Leo Crescent Moon
—May 18

Continued heaviness is a potential today, depending upon your personal reality, circumstances, and how you’re choosing to navigate these responsibilities…

Ineptitudes of one kind or another, varied vulnerabilities, and obstacles otherwise are all seemingly forming into something of an arrangement underneath it all—perhaps the heaviness being lugged about so abrasively is trying to touch upon this tenderness to tap into its power… not to push into a bruise.

Today’s empowered moon opposes a now stationed Saturn, suggesting that “there is likely to be a deep realization that will transform your life on some level…”²

It is important, if not imperative, for you to “listen to your inner voice, [and to] heed messages from others, [all of which] can lead you to the next level of your life.”²

Most specifically, this week’s major shift lies between Saturn stationing—Saturn associating to reality, time itself, and all foundational securities within our reality—and then shifting retrograde, while the moon—the planetary influence that associates to our vulnerability, fears, and longings—simultaneously meets its first quarter phase (tomorrow), bringing with it an emotionally charged inner crisis…

Discrimination between what’s important and what simply isn’t will be a more appropriate way to utilize your time now, all the while understanding that you, and you alone, are responsible for manifesting your ideals… and what a most personally accountable time to begin.

❝It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.❞ 
——William Dean Howells 

•●Wednesday Forecast★
Leo 1st Quarter Moon at 29°01′
*12:11pm PDT; 1:11pm MDT; 2:11pm CDT; 3:11pm EDT
—May 19

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera begins this chapter of “the Leo story”… as a moon phase which influences “a crisis of self-identity.”⁴

Further, you “can become whatever it is that people want to see, and [you] pride [your]self on [your] flexibility and talent for donning each mask of persona and letting it permeate [your] whole being… [you] are rewarded for this by more and more applause, more appreciation from the ‘audience’…” and all this means is that “[you] have become desperately fused to [your] masks.”⁴

Speaking of masks… maybe this will manifest literally, and masks will finally come off?—especially as Jupiter moves into Pisces and Mercury moves through Gemini…

How much of yourself are you giving away?

Which parts of yourself are you faking? 

Which parts of yourself are genuine?

How much of yourself do you offer to others?

Kaldera suggests, that “if [you] are to break free of the cycle, [you] need to learn to retreat, gather up the last bits of [your]self, and reevaluate the importance of pleasing (and manipulating) people in [your] life.”⁴

Today’s first quarter moon opposes Jupiter, both connecting to the sun and simultaneously firming a t-square alignment, all of which are moving through the twenty-ninth degree of Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus, respectively… suggesting something of an illusion of impression becoming inundated inwardly…

This is also, perhaps, a marking of the month when a certain confusion begins to settle and swirl… these illusions could be reflecting real inner feelings, and yet, simultaneously, being misinterpreted altogether.

You’re coming into your own with something—and through all of this accomplishment, and merit—is it really you?

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar states that this degree associates itself to “the stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rising from the unconscious is about to take form as a conscious thought…”¹ in other words, Rudhyar is suggesting that inner authenticity is wanting, or even needing, to become real through actualization… those you share space with, and those around you, may be able to reflect some of your you-ness through their actions and/or reactions.

What is something you long for?

Is there a part of yourself—your inner, squishy self—that you long to share with others?… a part of yourself you fear that others wouldn’t be able to accept, understand, love, or appreciate?

Do you feel you are width these longings?—are these longings with your heart?

Rudhyar asks you to ask yourself if the intuitive feeling will fade away reabsorbed into the unconscious, or will the inexpressible realization acquire the concreteness and expressible form of a concept?

These choices, endlessly, are yours and yours alone to make.
Today is about connecting the dots between who you really are, who others think you are, who you are working to become, and who others know you can be… you are both all of these ideas, and none of them—simultaneously. Today is about making peace with this, and finding a comfort within this uncomfortable space of Beingness.

These emotional truths are powerful… and will require intestinal fortitude to navigate. An openness to receive, again, will be one of the most significant actions you can take… an openness to honesty, and authenticity.

If you’re not exactly experiencing a crisis of self-identity, perhaps the confrontational forces resemble more of a chain-of-command priority permissions, or inner confrontations of motivation toward the forward emergence into unfamiliar frontiers…

Which of your desires, goals, or ideals are worth your time and energy in pursuing?

Which of your desires, goals, or ideals are not really yours to pursue—because they aren’t yours in heart?

❝I was by myself for a pretty long time. I needed to do that. I think everyone that I know has wanted to do that or needed to do that at some point. I think when you spend enough time when it’s quiet around you and you don’t open your mouth for three or four days, there’s parts of your brain that can kind of rest. I think when we’re out in the world and we have to talk to people, we edit ourselves. You know, we have to like, act a little bit. As honest as we may be as humans, when we’re out here, we’re all kind of wearing mirrors on our faces. You know, constantly reacting to how to react to the people around you. And I think when you’re alone for a long enough time, you can feel a lot more peace.❞
——Justin Vernon

★Thursday Forecast
Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 20

Yesterday’s vibrations continue to flow, and morph, as the moon now moves through Virgo, and yet now both the sun and Jupiter move into the zero point degrees of Gemini and Pisces, respectively… to be exact early tomorrow morning at 0°46′.

This building square between the sun and Jupiter, nevertheless, likely feels quite large. Dramatic. Looming.

This building square between the sun and Jupiter resembles emboldened empowerments demanding nourishment.

This building can indicate an inclination to overextend, to rationally plan for the unrealistic, or to truly believe yourself capable of inconceivable feats. Especially through the energies of Gemini and Pisces—it’s important, here, to get a grip if you’ve been flying too close to the sun, or too far from even the untrodden path… and today’s more critical Virgo moon could easily influence you of this, gently guiding you back to realms of practicality and realism—but should you actually need a boost, a healthy and realistic boost, a little encouragement to strive, then luckily, for you, these energies could conjure some much needed inner courage.

Through yesterday’s truths, and twists, today’s moon, squaring toward both the Nodes, reminds us of the potential to miss the point of potential to the point of projection…

It’s equally necessary, now, to understand the differences.
There might be a resonation or semblance of insights that bring these points to light… “things previously unseen or not understood will become evident—this may be because the situation is separated, or away, from your natural environment—take some time out to calmly observe what’s going on around you… a distant, possibly uninvolved position is probably much safer for you as you can observe from a call and detached perspective.”²

What needs to be done in action, in an effort to be honest to your inner needs and motivations?

Venus also connected to Saturn by trine through the fourteenth degree yesterday, suggesting a more deeply devoted reality within relationships… perhaps through your relationships, you can better acknowledge and understand these points of potential, and these portals of potential projection?

❝Dreams without movement are delusions, escapes, kid’s play. You have to put your feet into your dreams if they’re ever going to be reality.❞
——Paul Newman

★Friday Forecast
Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 21

Yesterday’s vibrations continue in a manner of keeping order, of creating order, as lunarly Virgoan energies are wont to do—even within your inner needs and motivations, as well as throughout your daily life and immediate, surrounding realities… there is a vibration of action being experienced, especially in regard to taking back control of something that has been previously compromised or overhauled—you are beginning to feel that “there’s a need for self-discipline and mastery.”²


The dutiful Virgoan moon opposes Neptune as a very slowly moving, mindful Geminian Mercury applies a square to Neptune… which could greatly influence the attention span and/or determinational dedication toward these concepts—in other words, daydreaming at its finest and most distracting.


These degrees do associate themselves and their will toward “being prepared to take on things that are ‘unknown’ or risky…”² which I would argue that Neptune has some understanding about.


As this notion twists and turns, “there is a question of to what degree the risks are real and to what degree they are imagined.”²

Not to mention that this slower-moving Mercury applying this square to Neptune—this will be the first of three; tomorrow is the first exact square (May 22nd at 22°54′), June 5th is the second at 23°06′, and the third is on July 6th at 23°10’… so, taking on the unknowns will become something of a theme throughout these upcoming weeks—these unknowns, however, might look as simply as being curious about or embracing unfamiliar ideas or as complex as entire belief systems being desecrated from the inside into your everyday experience.

Self-mastery, indeed.

On this note, consider next week’s eclipse. Just sayin. Old habits will need to be abandoned.

With a patient presence, you might want to take several meditative moments to ponder what you are actually, realistically, prepared for… because as soon as you’ve committed, and taken action—you’re committed, “with no easy turning back.”²

Either way, tune into your changeable evolving instincts.
❝Nothing noble is done without risk.❞
——Andre Gide

★Saturday Forecast
Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 22

Yesterday’s anxieties balance themselves out today, though it’s likely that an unrelenting confusion of depth remains…
And arguably—as it should; that’s the point.

As you may instinctively struggle in an effort to experience a sense of balance, the Libran moon opposes Chiron, and thereby potentially curbing an effort that is inherently timid or laissez-faire… “it may feel as though you’ve been operating in the dark, or in some kind of underworld… thoughts and emotions can be clouded with doubt and fear, making them difficult to plumb or discover—you may even feel like you have been in some kind of hell: perhaps you’ve had to go into the depths in search of something…”²

Continued, “delving deeply can bring messages from the subconscious that reveal some surprising things… however, it is often not enough to merely find the message; there’s also a need to bring any realizations into the clear light of day so that you, and others, can benefit from this passage and learn to breathe more freely.”²

Consider, too, again, that Mercury exacts its first square to Neptune, as I explained in yesterday’s post—you may be stumbling upon something new or unfamiliar today…
However, this could feel a little harsh, or painful, messy, or confused. Again—that’s the point. 

In an effort to further emphasize to you, that should your situation or circumstances “be on thin ice, it may be challenging… it may be that most of the challenge comes from the fears and concerns that adulthood brings.”²

Entire belief systems. Crashing. Caving in.

Simply put, realistic preparedness, personal accountability, and the wisdoms that are offered through direct experiences will see you through the active discernment which will be somewhat demanded.

Further, “if you don’t acknowledge these fears and adjust yourself accordingly, then you may be put at a disadvantage—you may not even be aware of the risks in your situation…”²

Today may offer you opportunities to question and/or test these unknown boundaries, to consider the consequences of your circumstances, and to prepare realistic responses to anything that is rationally likely… with a little flirtation toward a couple of examples of what might not seem so possible.

Note what triggers you today, is my suggestion—it’ll likely lead you to the trailhead of your newest evolutions.

❝Underground issues from one relationship or context invariably fuel our fires in another.❞
——Harriet Lerner

★Sunday Forecast
Libra Gibbous Moon
—May 23

There may be a feeling, underneath it all, that something is wrong…

Maybe not wrong—but something isn’t right.

Feel through this. Trust this. Again, this is the point: to question parameters of your reality.

An early lunarly square to Mars through a degree that associates itself with protest could provoke the manifestations of madness… “in your situation, you may feel that you have been wronged or something has been taken from you—there is probably little or no way of finding out who or what is the cause… check if you are exposing yourself to bring taken advantage of… be careful not to get confused between reality and paranoia.”²

I continue to think in terms of invisibility—such as freedoms, beliefs, laws, or policies…

Especially so, as Mercury simultaneously continues to square Neptune again, in preparation for retrograde.

Either way, resolutions or solutions or actual truths may not be known, be revealed, or exposed for some time… “the solution may lie in taking control of your emotional, mental, and physical realities…”² or through personal accountability and logical, experiential discernment.

Further, “emotional breakdowns, fears and phobias can be symptoms of being too sensitive, not necessarily as a fault, but as a response to an unforgiving and tough world…”² such as continued, or extremely driven, collective division.

There is a large need for balance now… it will likely be difficult to come by or obtain, but very much worth the struggle to strive for.

Further still, “there may be people in this situation that need to be recognized, embraced, or noticed in some way… maybe it is you that has to do this, or to receive it—you, or another, may feel that they are somehow ‘above’ or beyond this situation…” and this is provoked through a lunarly square to Pluto at the end of the day—dynamics of power and control could influence an already tricky, touchy tenderness of sorts.

What are the squishy parts of your circumstances?

Are you prepared for the reality of these circumstances—such as: when you’re in control of these, as well as should you not be in control?

In what ways are you able to work through these circumstances to grow stronger, and thereby more self-sufficient, and thereby even further, that much more prepared for all that you’re capable of?

❝You live your life as if it’s real… the evidence accumulates that you’re not running the show. You still have to make choices as if you were running the show, but you make your choices with the intuitive understanding that it’s unfolding as it must… and if you can relax in that… if you can even touch it, or if it asserts itself from time to time, then the invincible defeat is transcended.❞
——Leonard Cohen

¹Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
²Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
³Goldsmith, M. “The Zodiac by Degrees.” Weiser Books; ©2004.
⁴Kaldera, R. “Moon Phase Astrology.” Destiny Books; ©2011.

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❝If you’re dedicated to change, let it cost you something.❞
——Viola Davis

Image credit— @edcapos on Instagram

“At the beginnings of all peoples there is a myth of the primal act, or genesis, from which all else stems. In the life of the individual, this event is the severing of the maternal connection. Similarly, each people has its mythos of a fall, loss of the paradisiacal connection preceding consciousness. Out of this separation comes the experience of duality.
Thus begins the spiral of consciousness, an ever-developing process that is founded on the experience of subject & object, and occasions the pain of ever-further distance from the primal connection. The growth of conscious culture, in the life of the tribe or of the individual, brings fruits of civilization but, as well, greater and greater estrangement from the Great Mother.

Every day we stand poised on the razor’s edge of consciously suffering the world’s wound. How great the temptation to hide in a cave or to sink into some comforting arms. Each morning the grinning gremlins of fear and lethargy return. It doesn’t matter how boldly we sallied forth yesterday; they are back today and, not satisfied to nibble our toes, will gobble our souls if we let them. Thus, we have evolved elaborate ways to avoid the pain of further consciousness.

At the same time, the life force surges within each culture and each individual. This powerful eros seeks its connection ahead, not behind. It requires the activation of the hero archetype within a society and within individuals. It was the task of the great religions and rites of passage to guide men through the nexus of lethargy and progression, but today, most men are left to find their own path. Society still depends on them to undertake this challenge, for no society can prosper if it’s men are immature.”

The hero archetype is in us all.

It is the inherent capacity to mobilize the energies which serve life, to overthrow the demons of despair and depression. Incarnating this archetype has little to do with outer feats; rather it manifests when one summons the energy to confront fear, pain and the regressive attraction of the womb. The psyche continually prods us to make something of ourselves.

This is an heroic task that awaits our response.

James Hollis; excerpt from “Under Saturn’s Shadow”

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