★Tuesday Forecast

★Tuesday Forecast

Leo Crescent Moon
—May 18

Continued heaviness is a potential today, depending upon your personal reality, circumstances, and how you’re choosing to navigate these responsibilities…

Ineptitudes of one kind or another, varied vulnerabilities, and obstacles otherwise are all seemingly forming into something of an arrangement underneath it all—perhaps the heaviness being lugged about so abrasively is trying to touch upon this tenderness to tap into its power… not to push into a bruise.

Today’s empowered moon opposes a now stationed Saturn, suggesting that “there is likely to be a deep realization that will transform your life on some level…”²

It is important, if not imperative, for you to “listen to your inner voice, [and to] heed messages from others, [all of which] can lead you to the next level of your life.”²

Most specifically, this week’s major shift lies between Saturn stationing—Saturn associating to reality, time itself, and all foundational securities within our reality—and then shifting retrograde, while the moon—the planetary influence that associates to our vulnerability, fears, and longings—simultaneously meets its first quarter phase (tomorrow), bringing with it an emotionally charged inner crisis…

Discrimination between what’s important and what simply isn’t will be a more appropriate way to utilize your time now, all the while understanding that you, and you alone, are responsible for manifesting your ideals… and what a most personally accountable time to begin.

It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.❞ 
——William Dean Howells 

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