★Friday Forecast

★Friday Forecast

Virgo Gibbous Moon
—May 21

Yesterday’s vibrations continue in a manner of keeping order, of creating order, as lunarly Virgoan energies are wont to do—even within your inner needs and motivations, as well as throughout your daily life and immediate, surrounding realities…

There is a vibration of action being experienced, especially in regard to taking back control of something that has been previously compromised or overhauled, or something which has simply gone too far—you are beginning to feel that “there’s a need for self-discipline and mastery.”


The dutiful Virgoan moon opposes Neptune as a very slowly moving, mindful Geminian Mercury applies a square to Neptune… which could greatly influence the attention span and/or determinational dedication toward these concepts—in other words, daydreaming at its finest and most distracting.


These degrees do associate themselves and their will toward “being prepared to take on things that are ‘unknown’ or risky…” which I would argue that Neptune has some understanding about.


As this notion twists and turns, “there is a question of to what degree the risks are real and to what degree they are imagined…”


Not to mention that this slower-moving Mercury applying this square to Neptune—this will be the first of three; tomorrow is the first exact square (May 22nd at 22°54′), June 5th is the second at 23°06′, and the third is on July 6th at 23°10’… so, taking on the unknowns will become something of a theme throughout these upcoming weeks—these unknowns, however, might look as simply as being curious about or embracing unfamiliar ideas or as complex as entire belief systems being desecrated from the inside into your everyday experience.

Efforts in self-mastery, indeed.

On this note, consider next week’s eclipse. Just sayin. Old habits will need to be abandoned… old ways of behaving, No Longer—these will certainly not serve you.

With a patient presence, you might want to take several meditative moments to ponder what you are actually, realistically, prepared for… because as soon as you’ve committed, and taken action—you’re committed, “with no easy turning back.”

Either way, tune into your changeable evolving instincts.

Nothing noble is done without risk.❞
——Andre Gide

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Image credit— @takiisbranding on Instagram

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