Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse at 5°26′

Sagittarius Total Lunar Eclipse at 5°26′

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*4:14am PDT; 5:14am MDT; 6:14am CDT; 7:14am EDT
—May 26

New ways of living within the instabilities of reality will be rewarded, but not without a fair shake of inherent volatility.

Are we all living within a cult of one kind or another?

Consider, for a moment, that the very word ‘cult’ is the root of ‘culture’, which, in one way or another, through one or more varieties or another, throughout our lives, we are each a participant thereof… and I do not mean to refer to any religiosity, though this would definitely qualify—I mean, rather, to convey that the idea of culture is endlessly offered in our daily lives and realities, whether we’re subscribing or not, and simultaneously, however silently, requiring payment of process.

That the moon is in Sagittarius, a zodiacal sign that represents freedom, and personal truth and quest-hood… only perpetrates this current eclipsed notion that our security of salvation lies within—within notions of purely personal Truth experienced directly through individuated exploration… explorations in cultures.

Culture—however popular, (un)necessary, traditional, or legit scary, inclusive or exclusive—and whatever it may offer or demand is not offering truth.

Only our direct experience offers personal Truth.

Misunderstandings, mistranslations and misinterpretations—not like with Mercury retrogrades, but much more inherent, much more authentic—through this eclipsed week could very likely be influenced through core understandings of very basic concepts, or experience entire upheavals of belief systems: in that there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, only personal perception… what you’ve believed to be true since childhood might feel rigged, silly, even unlikely, or blatantly untrue now—and this is the essence of this eclipse: being open to receive new ideas.

Being open to receive.

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera describes the Sagittarius full moon, the Priests Moon, as being “touched through the channel of the sacred texts and traditions that he has learned…”

In other words, participating in an openness to receive and truly experiencing Life as it is meant to be received…

Further, Kaldera expands that “the word religion is related to re-linking, as it is a set of beliefs that link people together…” and yet, this moon influences the unlinking—and arguably, misdirection thereof—between the physical, instincts, and naturalness of Nature, and the rational and mental… which, unsurprisingly, lends itself to some blurred parameters.

These ideas, however, will require very clearly defined structures of statement… however, unstatedly, it will need to feel right.

I know. Everything is sort of swirling all around you… and this is why it is so crucial to trust your inner light over your intuited responses—and to be open to receive in the first place.

But it will be important, and eventually beneficial, to you “to understand the expectations required… behaving against these expectations can receive a harsh reaction and treatment and possibly even rejection—this is not the time for anyone to be pushing the envelope to test what acceptable to the rules of society.”

Further, “the rules and guidelines for operating in this situation are, or should be, made very clear—there will be some form of punishment for dishonesty.”

A dishonesty toward yourself, your soul, your true and inner motivations, your inner light… your authenticity—this would result in devastating repercussions.

This clearness that needs to be defined might be tricky, as your rational mind and your instincts may not be connecting exactly or naturally, but rather denying the other a sense of clarity, or truth, and thereby—a natural dishonesty of sorts, hidden, from within…

Whatever your circumstances—what are the hidden, or eclipsed, elements within this situation?

What cultures do you subscribe to, and do these acts of participation inspire your authenticity and offer you an extended sense of individuation, or do they demand something of you?

Or do they take something from you or deplete you?

Finally, and fortunately, the moon loosely connects to Chiron, an easily associated symbology to Sagittarius as the Wounded Healer, as well as the Mentor of Heroes—true heroes, contrary to popular understanding, being those who trust and participate in their own instincts and truth, and are open to receive Life through their authenticity despite any active or lingering culture within the collective…

And this suggests that whatever disconnections you’re experiencing or acknowledging—any effort in this blurried connection could be extremely healing for you going forward, in time… open to receive.

A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.❞
——Arthur C Clarke

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Image credit— @matthewzaremba on Instagram

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