★Wednesday Forecast

★Wednesday Forecast

Gemini Balsamic Moon
—June 9

A necessary openness to Life itself continues to be the theme as the eleventh degree of Gemini is again illuminated, this time by the moon…

Reflect back to May, when this degree was hit three separate times, in order, by Mercury, Venus, and then by the sun—all demonstrating a different motivation, sure, but the essence of the degree continues to demand its due.

Today the moon connects to this degree through a conjunction with the North Node, as did all the others… healing is being offered, vibrations of love, compassion and benevolence—between yourself and an/Other—all of these flexible pardons only perpetuated by Jupiter moving through Pisces, and somewhat secured through a balsamic moon seeking to release past or present burdens.

When the balsamic moon is in Gemini, the release and letting go is likely in regard to communications and exchanges, such as tying up loose ends via text, email, or snail mail matters—these would be textbook cookbook suggestions, sure—especially as the eclipse occurs tomorrow—never a good time to begin anything new: today or tomorrow… but, really, a pre-eclipsed moon would suggest, always always, the need to retire or surrender.

Particularly, as many signs point to a similar notion… you are being asked to surrender a way of thinking about something, or regarding something, imagining something, or believing something as you regard it, imagine it, or believe it to be—concepts and belief systems and past patterns of development or consideration need to be released or reexamined, updated, exchanged, or improved upon…

Perhaps the manner through which you express yourself is no longer as effective as it once was, or it’s possible that what you always thought to be true is simply not true and maybe never was…

Or maybe, just maybe—the imaginary limitations your mind has always structured for you, mistakenly, are now being recognized as foreign, obsolete, or outworn, and need to be eliminated.

Today is a day to reflect, to think, and to consider inner truths… but really, today is intensely about opening your mind to the hidden and unknown possibilities all around.

Go deeper, beneath what people said.
——Virginia Woolf

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