•●Thursday Forecast★

Gemini Solar Eclipse at 19°47′
*3:52am PDT; 4:52am MDT; 5:52am CDT; 6:52am EDT
—June 10

Today’s eclipse is offering light to what has been shadowed or darkened, denied, or outrightly buried… and through this light there is opportunity to more honestly discern what is being illuminated.

What are you needing to communicate or share?

What kinds of knowledge or insight or wisdom are you needing or seeking—or receiving?

What thoughts have you been thinking?

Why do you believe in what you believe to be true?

From recent darkness, what are you beginning to see in the light?

These are some of the questions emerging now… questions you may or may not have current answers to—or answers which may feel somewhat contradictory or oppositional… 

Astrologer Diana McMahon Collis points out in TMA that we “may start to drop the familiar face we show to the world and expose more of our hidden side—or that someone around us does so… this could come as a surprise or shock to whoever is not used to seeing this ‘other side’… in a personal sense, it indicates realizing something about ourselves that we denied or simply had not noticed before—if we can accept and integrate this aspect of ourselves, perhaps our experience of life can expand… much the same applies if we’re seeing another side to somebody else’s character or situation—sometimes, though, it’s hard to feel comfortable with something distinctly different from our prior experience; so, we need to allow time to adjust and try to get in touch with acceptance of this ‘new normal’.”

Either way, because messenger Mercury is conjunct this eclipse by one degree—something needs to be communicated, shared, informed, or discussed… however, the ‘right’ words may struggle to emerge—remember that Mercury is retrograde—words could be misconstrued or misunderstood, delayed, tangled, or missed entirely.

It may even be reasonable to presume that our thoughts or feelings have yet to be fully formed or processed at this time, and so words are expressed somewhat superficially, or robotically, lacking any full resonance.

Finally, Neptune squares this eclipsed triad of symbolism, adding further confusion, delay, or flummoxed perplexity—for now…

Through all this darkness it is clarity, above all, that is necessary… try to be as clear as possible with the words you have available to define what it is you’re experiencing.

It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey.❞
——Wendell Berry

Image credit— @irefaels on Instagram

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