★Friday Forecast

Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 11

Vulnerabilities are exposed today, possibly out loud. And, or, there may be a real rude reminder of your responsibilities in some regard… it’s quite possible that something very jarring has scrambled you or your thoughts and feelings…

This requires time. And processing. And healing. Healing requires time.

Try to remember to take care of yourself—in fact, dare I suggest that whatever rude reminder you’re currently enduring could be a result of you failing to care for yourself appropriately in the first place?

Everything is relative, everything is perspective—especially now.

However, today Mars moves into Leo, amping up the volume of our previously inner motivations from the lulling lateral lullabies and dauntingly defensive ditties we’ve been working through… now, Mars in Leo is powerful, and bold, and daring, and Mars in Leo will be heard.

Could it be that your true inner motivations have been put on hold? No longer.

Honor your inner needs—this is how you love yourself—dare I suggest that this is how we love one another…

What goes too long unchanged destroys itself.❞
——Ursula K. Le Guin

Image credit— @lacoste on Instagram

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