★Saturday Forecast

Cancer Crescent Moon
—June 12

Today’s challenge dares you to open yourself, or to remain open if you’ve already aligned yourself with these cosmic signaling suggestions…

I realize that you may be experiencing a real mind fuck, truly, but you must remain open to it and everything this is asking you to unravel.

Flexibility is imperative.

But much more so, much more than flexibility—receptivity to give yourself, and remain open to others, despite inclinations to close off or shut down or dismiss or reject… in pursuit of your personal evolution, that is, to forgive and to heal and to be open to receive—to be open to love rather than making choices slathered in fear.

I realize: this will take a lot.

But then again—it’s likely you’ve just been schooled in a way that has brutally reminded you that you have been living in a way, or perceiving your reality in a way, that didn’t exactly reciprocate your best interests they way you trusted this did.

And so maybe this necessary flexibility is just the first step of coming out of that coma and living your life in a bright and new blinding light.

We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.❞
——David Lynch

Image credit— @takiisbranding on Instagram

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