★Sunday Forecast

★Sunday Forecast

Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—June 13

There’s a good possibility that you may still be quite defensive… and hopefully the more optimistic vibrations today will help you get over yourself a bit.

Remember that the whole point of the confusion you’ve been navigating—through the reality you’ve subscribed to which has just been shattered in some varying way—these were efforts to release you from your own illusions, illusions which were not serving you…

These were/are cosmic efforts to realign you to your true motivations and ideals, to open you to receive these ideals.

To be open to receive your own authentic reality, wide open…

For those of you already living your ideals—as you should be by now—perhaps these eclipses inspired gentle guidance toward timing, tweaking, tasking, or trusting further and more securely within your ideals.

Either way, consider the notion that you have been pushed up to the edge—it is now time to fly, your wings are ready.

Am I happy? In all honesty? No. But I am curious—I am curious in my sadness, and I am curious in my joy. I am ever-seeking, ever-feeling. I am in awe of the beautiful moments life gives us, and I am in awe of the difficult ones. I am transfixed by grief, by growth. It is all so stunning, so rich, and I will never convince myself that I cannot be somber, cannot be hurt, cannot be overjoyed. I want to feel it all—I don’t want to cover it up or numb it. So no, I am not happy. I am open, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.❞
——Bianca Sparacino

Image credit— @shamitmussavi on Instagram

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