★Tuesday Forecast

★Tuesday Forecast

Leo/Virgo Crescent Moon
—June 15

Continued potentials for heat, hostility, hyper heartbeat, and/or heartache… with an added insult to injury—the human need to understand it all when none of it is even easy to swallow, much less process.

Also frustrating—there could be a need to remain silent, or still, or to slow your movements entirely… be mindful of your words, specifically, as well as any action you take, as these could be used against you later on… or maybe they’ll set you free.

Ever and again, our mind may become befuddled when we have to find out what is heads or tails. Ever and again, bewilderment may strike our brain when we have to interpret the contrasts between the dark and the bright sides of things when we have got to read complex cases and assess the divergences between the iridescent outward appearances and the grisly undercurrents of particulars…
——Erik Pevernagie

Image credit— @marcosguinoza on Instagram

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