★Wednesday Forecast

★Wednesday Forecast

Virgo Crescent Moon
—June 16

It’s really no wonder that the past continues to be dredged up meticulously and unapologetically—as Jupiter stations for retrograde upon the second degree of Pisces, a degree which associates itself toward the “need to retrieve, sort through, or go over records from the past in some way…”

It might be appropriate to ask yourself if “the situation facing you struck in time without a clear understanding of how to proceed…”

So what now? What adjustments are needed? Where is your participation most valuable?

It might also be worth one’s time to remember that the past has largely been recorded inaccurately, mistranslated—quite literally, maybe—disregarded over and over in accordance to only the elites agenda or overall plan… books and entire libraries have been burned, and truths have been kept secret—our true lineage, seemingly erased and manipulated for the sake of a status quo rationed upon the actual livelihoods of others.

I wouldn’t be surprised, either, should some of these associations be manifesting in the most metaphorical or symbolic of ways rather than so seriously or figuratively.

How are you able to improve upon your own inaccuracies?—and tidy up mistranslations?

In what ways are you able to open yourself to new understanding?

This degree, nevertheless, promises that “new life can be found as long as one is willing to look…”

Further, this degree divulges that “the achievements of life do not necessarily disappear when we move on… things continue to exist.”

There is no cancelling what hits too confrontationally.

When we start raising different inconsistent truths, life may tip into bewilderment and the brain may go haywire. The confrontation between what is, not is, and maybe is, might embed an enduring showdown, harboring an intense apprehension, and bring us sometimes unwittingly to our knees.
——Erik Pevernagie

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Image credit— @sporkfineart on Instagram

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