★Wednesday Forecast

★Wednesday Forecast

Sagittarius Gibbous Moon
—June 23

Today could present some challenges…

Details or deeper truths could be brought to light, though this may elude to a light which might be either extremely bright and hard to look at or a nice illuminating glow that enhances and entrances… either way, this could be a manifestation of Mercury stationing direct.

There’s quite possibly “something that needs to be said or announced…” and it’s also “time for a more mature attitude…” and if you speak clearly and truly your words will hold weight, and it’s also likely that a new level of wisdom will result if you’re willing to wrangle an old or emerging matter in a new way.

Today’s moon opposes this Mercurial stationing, which would suggest that whatever this circumstance is, for you, it is an opportunity for renewal in some capacity—a rebirth or revival… letting go of the old ways in an effort to embrace new beginnings. Truly, how appropriate, that a Sagittarian moon should illuminate such awakening… as such a jovial moon inspires forgiveness and faith in all future possibilities… Sagittarian energies couldn’t keep track of a grudge if it was offering reward—much too heavy to carry.

Grudges, however, could be an unfortunate default, as Venus opposes Pluto from the sensitivities of Cancer, though this would only cause pain and complication…

Today is a good day to see the present, truly, as a gift—and as the first day of a new beginning, despite it all.

‘One day…’ or Day One of your next chapter. Indeed.

This manner of perspective could be a bit more open to actual participation, as Saturn is exactly sextile to Chiron today, which would suggest that these current underlying vibrations offer much more capacity for open-hearted self-disciplining toward an honest effort to heal… but this will demand your devotion, and of course—a very real and upfront ability to participate in your own personal accountability.

Perhaps all that’s needed to begin anew is an open heart and an open mind—and that’s what a Sagittarian moon offers.

I seek more than diminishing pain. I want to experience a splendid life, a life full of gaiety, charming people, beautiful panoramas, outstanding adventures, and sublime interpersonal experiences. In place of squandering personal resources and wasting valuable time, yearning to satisfying these improbable goals, I wish to learn from gross errors. I desire to cease castigating myself for prior mistakes. A realistic personal goal is striving to achieve presence of mind, demonstrate consistent attentiveness to the present, rather than continually worry about the past or the future.❞
——Kilroy J. Oldster

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
Image credit— @itspeteski on Instagram

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