•●Thursday Forecast★

•●Thursday Forecast★

Capricorn Full Moon at 3°28′
*11:40am PDT; 12:40pm MDT; 1:40pm CDT; 2:40pm EDT
—June 24

Balances and imbalances are being both illuminated and highlighted today as a stingy, untrusting and otherly retrograded Saturnian-ruled Capricorn moon opposes a defensively guarded and slow-to-trust Cancer sun, demanding both a rigidly staunch motivation toward goals and the greedy nurturing of egoic needs.

This moon may be more significant to those of you who are not yet actively living your ideals…

You may begin to really, more honestly, understand how an edgy, existentialist out-of-place-ness might feel here in reality, especially if you’re entertaining the extremes of idealism… it is important to get a more practical grasp of what’s realistic, of what’s actually possible for you.

Perhaps you’ll tune more deeply into the actual plight of an/Other—an egoic reality other than your own, in other words—or the awkwardness or unwelcomed hindrances an/Other might take on… in an effort to realize these ideas of import?

Where do your own egoic hindrances lie?—how are they navigated, or catered to?

Are you able to align your balances of dis-ease despite any awkwardness or burden?

In what ways are your values and fundamentals evolving out from under you?—what must you abandon?

A Capricorn moon needs balance, but even more so, this Saturn-ruled moon needs to prove itself… or, rather, hold stance upon something, heavily—it will have the last word.

But you likely don’t yet have the words… or the umphf of whatever it is to move forward.

And so too, you will feel, in some capacity, that you must prove yourself in some very balancing way, or prove something to someone to achieve or obtain a sense of semblance of balance—yet, at every turn, there may be delay, frustration, or obstacle.

Pride before fall?

There is a disconnect occurring—and going inward is needed.

How awkward, indeed. There’s a discomfort occurring somewhere in your reality…

Typically, and modernly, a full moon is referred to as a climax or culmination point, with full energy at top notch—despite the very ancient symbology explicitly describing an absolute powerlessness… as Saturn has such a hold on today’s energies, this inaccurately modernly depicted climactic point may feel weighted, strained, harsh, or forced, as it does… or, entirely impotent, to the extent that it feels like a more extreme balsamic moon—surrendered.

Ultimately, a personal goal is being, or feels, thwarted—perhaps this is in an effort for you to recalibrate what’s really actually truly important to you?

Through this lowered energy it is an auspicious time, however, to go within—or to continue delving deep within, quietly and reflectively—to meditate, to embody, to contemplate, and to observe without opinion… without ego.

Make your ego porous. Will is of little importance, complaining is nothing, fame is nothing. Openness, patience, receptivity, solitude is everything.
——Rainer Maria Rilke

Image credit— @julienpacaud on Instagram

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