★Wednesday Forecast

★Wednesday Forecast

Pisces/Aries Disseminating Moon
—June 30

Today presents opportunity to acknowledge, claim, own, and reflect your truth and your ideals…

If you’re failing to ‘walk your talk’ in any way—this could come to your attention now, however abrasively… and depending upon how you respond—or react—this could invite or perpetuate a vulnerability you’ve been ignoring, avoiding, or denying, and could even dramatize or exploit it.

More simply, today could illuminate an inner, or more subconscious, truth that you cling to or allow too much room for, especially if this truth is not true, or is not yours… today offers a way to revive your truths or purify your truths—truths that are struggling.

Further, it would be humbling to reflect or meditate upon who you are and who you’re working to become, and consider all the powers and limitations alike that will naturally come with and through this process of personal evolution.

Is there a version of yourself that you continue to honor?—or fail to honor?

Is there a version of yourself that you are more comfortable with, or less so? How so…

What version of yourself would you want most to share with an/Other consistently and honestly and vulnerably?

Keep your heart open to this version of yourself, whether it’s who you currently reflect, or are living and learning toward, through this week and beyond…

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.
——May Sarton

Image credit— @divangrafico on Instagram

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