•●Thursday Forecast★

•●Thursday Forecast★

Aries Last Quarter Moon at 10°14′
*2:10pm PDT; 3:10pm MDT; 4:10pm CDT; 5:10pm EDT
—July 1

Today may highlight or illuminate issues of powerlessness…

Personal authorship and outright authority is being illuminated now… are you taking authorship for your actions?

If so, in what ways… and if not, why not?

Are you making decisions for your life and livelihood?—and are you taking actions toward these decisions?

Are you holding yourself personally accountable for your choices, preferences, demands, and ideals of lack thereof?

What are your options here… and how can you better author your ideals into your reality?

Your opportunity today and through this week invoke the pain of past wounds in quiet solitude, up against a rock and a potentially very hard place, in an effort to seek effective and thorough healing in an ultimate effort to move on and take back control of your life and livelihood… learning from past experiences to apply appropriately in the future.

If you’re dedicated to change, let it cost you something.❞
——Viola Davis

Image credit— @handleofiron on Instagram

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