★Friday Forecast

★Friday Forecast

Aries Balsamic Moon
—July 2

Issues and circumstances of powerlessness linger today, however, despite a weakened and somewhat powerless balsamic phasing, there is more motivation to move beyond points of pain.

Additional highlighting occurs, too, through a solar square to Chiron—to the likely point of pain or vulnerability, be this a past tense memory or a current real time wound, disappointment, or source of contention… as well as a later lunarly square to Pluto, adding a bit of an edge to whatever bluntness has been blundered…

Today could potentially pinpoint something of a peak in its current abrasiveness between the ongoing and building and exacting tensions between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

But really, really and truly, this is all an opportunity… and what an empowering opportunity it could be, if you let it become so.

A sense of motivation, or even momentum, is gained today… and this would be a boldly radical way to most constructively use these vibrations and reverberations—especially in relation to more personal concerns of vulnerability, empowerment, and ultimately, personal authority moving forward.

Life’s a ball if you let it be, kid… try to always let it be.❞
——my dad

Image credit— @cult.class on Instagram

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