★Saturday Forecast

★Saturday Forecast

Taurus Balsamic Moon
—July 3

Today’s security-seeking Taurean moon illuminates Mars tensions in square aspect to freedom-demanding Uranus as it applies a lunarly conjunction to the Awakener, exact just after midnight…

Today’s security-seeking Taurean lunarly influencing is very well struggling with the motivations within the fusing of real time fireworks—if temperaments are not building or exploding the buzz is likely buzzing.

A Mars/Uranus square alignment exacting itself through tomorrow can manifest rather accidentally, however unapologetically, and typically quite symbolically of Nature’s own capacity of fireworks finales—this has been building since at least mid-June, when Mars ingressed into Leo, and whatever underlying tensions that have been building since then or before are likely to erupt quite loudly and proudly…

It could be, however, a subconsciously underlying urge, to communicate or express yourself more clearly or truly or authentically rather than a physical action, which is more typical of these particular planetary energies… especially as it was mid-June that the Geminian solar eclipse occurred—it might be that now you have the ideal words, the words and thoughts and feelings you didn’t quite have clarified then.

Today’s (and this week’s) building/erupting potentials may not be so much about physical aggression as they might be about energetic/psychical expression and reception.

When hearts listen, angels sing… and one cannot be offered much more security than that.

It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.
——William Dean Howells

Image credit— @nicolasbruno on Instagram

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