★Sunday Forecast

★Sunday Forecast

Taurus Balsamic Moon
—July 4

Today’s vibrations build from yesterday, and possibly from beyond, and further illuminate this building and imploding pressure almost poetically.

Several things—

The protective Cancer sun squares, or defensively (and potentially passive-aggressively) confronts, the weaknesses and wounds of Chiron…

The tough-as-nails exterior/squishy-on-the-inside Taurean moon squares (confronts) a loud and abrasive Mars in Leo as it connects to the erratic urgencies of rebellion or self-authority through Uranus exactly…

And messages through Mercury applies a square to mistranslations through Neptune—the third and final of three (the first on May 22nd at 22°54′, and the second, through its station, June 5th at 23°05′ )—to be exact July 6th  at 23°10’…

Flexibility may not be an option—the strength of your unbending will is what matters now. Receptivity, however, is recommended. There’s a difference—lean into it—you can express an air of authoritative approachability without communicating rigidity, weakness or gullibility.

Additionally, keep in mind that whatever your circumstances are in these moments—the core of the matters lies within yourself, meaning: your self, you and you alone—this however metaphorical battle is not to be battled in an/Other’s honor—it is yours.

Something that has not been expressed is needing expressed, and it will be expressed in one way or another—either you’ll stand up for yourself and honor this, or explosive subconscious projections will begin to expose themselves… and that which is exposed could be exactly what feels, or is, in actuality, so vulnerable—or for others, these energies could represent something of an emphasis shift, inwardly or outwardly, toward more appropriately placed awarenesses, though this shift could sting a bit—outing the ego within it.

Ultimately, these building and erupting energies are about confrontational honesty with yourself—about yourself—and whatever that might mean for you.

Maybe we’re too busy being flowers or fairies or strawberries instead of something honest and worthy of respect… you know… like being people.❞
——Toni Cade Bambara

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