★Saturday Forecast

★Saturday Forecast

Cancer/Leo Crescent Moon
—July 10

Oracular omens suggest that “if you feel that everything is too confusing and complicated, you should go somewhere that allows for quiet times and informed reflection…”

In other words—much more frankly—get over yourself, go inside yourself, choose a feeling to focus upon and feel, and let yourself have some moments with it… you can express yourself when you’ve truly connected to this feeling, if even necessary.

You and you alone are responsible for your personal fulfillments, and it is you and you alone who authors these manifestations.

You are a magician!—and when you begin to own this, and really feel it—magic happens…

Hark, now hear the sailors cry
Smell the sea, and feel the sky
Let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…
——Van Morrison; “Into the Mystic”

Image credit— @vintagelart on Instagram

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