Dear Reader & Unknown Friend,

Could you please answer me one question?

What is it exactly that you seek from me and the astrology I translate?

Your answers will support the foundations of my next moves, and I truly appreciate your time—for taking your time to thoughtfully answer my question, and for always reading, especially through my recent transitions.

Much love to you,

Image credit— @f1stoftheroll on Instagram


  1. I use your posts/emails as sign post on the road of life. They help me navigate circumstance, guide me towards a destination, or of things to look out for along the way. Sometimes the just reassure me that I’m heading the “right” way.


  2. I’m not sure what it is for others but for me your posts complement work I’m doing with a Jungian analyst, helping me to circumambulate a query about my life, my journey and how best to move forward in an authentic way, to do things differently, to think in new ways. You pose questions and poke at uncomfortable feelings sometimes even. You’re a talented writer. Trust the one with the red hair. That struck me. I also love the photos you post with your forecasts. There’s a dreamlike quality to them that is evocative. I sense that you are yourself in a liminal space. Betwixt and between.


  3. I find it fascinating that what you write corresponds to my life almost 99 % of the time. It’s really like you’re writing solely for me. I read your posts and for the most part, if I don’t assimilate what you’re saying, I go back and re-read it the next day. Most of the time I find I’m too late in responding, in turn, losing opportunities, then beating myself up for not taking the advice. I would love to connect with you to guide me through this unsteady world.


  4. I echo what others have said. You offer a moment of insight and reflection on the day- and often that helps me navigate….. ✨💗🙏


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